How We Review Sweepstake Casinos

How We Rate Sweepstake Casinos

Sweepstake Casinos is comprised of a team of industry experts with years of experience in the iGaming and casino sweepstakes industry. Our team has put together an extensive methodology that aims to identify the best sweepstakes casino sites on the market.

Every sweepstakes casino we review is subject to the exact same thorough rating process, and our expert reviewers spend hours testing everything the site has to offer. Below we will review our sweepstakes casino rating process and why we are the number 1 review website with the most accurate and up-to-date content.

Sweepstakes Casino Requirements To Be Featured

A sweepstakes casino has to be at the top of its game to be featured on our site. We don’t hand out 5-star ratings like candy on Halloween. To get our seal of approval, a sweepstakes casino needs to offer the complete package in terms of the range of casino games, payment methods, bonuses, mobile compatibility, customer support, and more!

Our Rating Process

Every sweepstakes casino that we review is subject to our 9-stage rating process. Our rating process involves in-depth personal testing of the sweepstakes site and is designed to analyze all aspects. Here are the key factors we focus on when rating a sweepstakes casino:

Compliance with Sweepstakes Rules

No Purchase Necessary

While online sweepstakes casinos don’t have to apply for licenses, they still have to follow specific rules such as offering a free way to participate, providing an alternative method of entry, geo-blocking players from certain restricted states like Washington, and following KYC protocols.

It is a big red flag if a “sweepstakes casino” allows you to purchase sweeps coins, doesn’t have a no deposit bonus, or accepts players from all US states. Unfortunately, there are a number of illegal traditional online casinos that masquerade as sweepstakes casinos and trick unsuspecting players. We only recommend US sweepstakes casinos that are following all sweepstakes regulations to a tee. Even if a site excels in other areas, it is just too risky to recommend potentially illegal casinos to your readers.

Legal & Legit Owner

Sweeps cash casinos must be run by a US-based and registered company. Before we recommend any site, we check it is owned by a legit US company. We conduct due diligence on the holding company and the owners.

We look for any sweepstakes casinos legal irregularities or if the people and company have been involved in any other shady online sweepstakes casino or other business operations in the past.

Quality Casino Style Games

Various Casino Games

When reviewing a sweepstakes online casino, we personally test the different available casino games. When analyzing a site’s game library, we are looking at the overall number of titles, the variety of games, and the game providers. We favor sweepstakes casinos that have a wide variety of table and online slot games and specialty titles from licensed and well-known game providers.

For example, a top-tier sweepstakes casino might have 300 + titles, including slots, video poker, progressive jackpot games, blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat, and their games are powered by developers like NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, and other providers of the same quality that you would expect at the leading real money online casinos.

Safe and Secure Website

As you are sharing your personal details and payment information with a sweepstakes casino, it is imperative that they have a secure website. That is why we always double-check that the sweepstakes site is using the necessary levels of encryption to prevent 3rd parties from accessing your private information.

We only recommend online sweepstakes casinos that are secured with a digital certificate which is indicated by the little padlock icon next to the website’s URL in the address bar. The digital certificate ensures that data that is sent between you and the sweepstakes casino is encrypted and can not be intercepted by hackers.

Trusted Payment Methods

Trusted Payment Method

It is all well and good to accumulate a healthy-looking sweeps coin balance, but it is all in vain if the sweepstakes casino doesn’t provide secure redemption methods. When reviewing a sweepstakes site, we look at all of the available payment methods, if there are any fees and processing times.

At the best online sweepstakes casinos, you can purchase gold coins via major credit and debit card providers, including Visa and Mastercard. You can also redeem your sweeps coins for cash prizes via gift cards, online bank transfers, and e-wallets like Skrill and PayPal. Purchases are processed straight away, while redemptions take less than 48 hours. Top sweepstakes casinos also don’t charge any fees for purchases or redemptions.

We advise you to avoid online sweepstakes casinos that charge fees or use shady payment methods. Certain rogue sweepstakes casinos only process purchases and redemptions via Cash App, which conveniently offers non-reversible transactions and allows them to hide anonymously behind a $Cashtag.

User-Friendly Website

You would be surprised at how many sweepstakes casinos fail to create a user-friendly, aesthetic website that actually works. We have come across some shocking themes and color schemes and many sites where games simply don’t load, or you need to be the second coming of Einstein to navigate.

We look for US sweepstakes casinos with minimalist and modern themes that have intuitive layouts and easy-to-navigate menus. The website should load virtually instantly, and you shouldn’t have to endure casino games freezing and crashing. This isn’t the early 2000s anymore! If the website isn’t easy and enjoyable to use, don’t stick around, find another sweepstakes casino right away.

Range of Free SC Promos with Fair Terms

Legal sweepstakes casinos must give away free sweepstakes coins. However, the amount of free SC promos can differ drastically between different sites. We look for online sweepstakes casinos that regularly shower you with large amounts of free SC that you can play and earn awesome cash prizes without having to make purchases. Some common free SC promos we are always on the lookout for include:

  • No deposit bonus – Get free SC when you create an account
  • First purchase bonus – Works similarly to a welcome bonus at an online casino
  • Daily login bonus – Unlock free sweeps coins when you log into your account every 24 hours
  • Referral bonus – Score free sweeps coins when your friend signs up via your link or promo code and makes a qualifying purchase
  • Mail-in bonus – Send the sweepstakes casino a handwritten letter in a stamped envelope requesting sweeps coins and get them added to your balance

We also take the time to dive into the sweeps coin bonuses’ terms and conditions. When prowling through the T&Cs, we pay special attention to wagering requirements, expiry dates, game restrictions, and min SC redemption. At top sweepstakes casinos, the standard wagering requirement is 1x, free SC only expires if you don’t log into your account for 60 + days, and there are no game restrictions.

Quick Registration and Verification Processes

Registration Process

There is nothing more frustrating than getting excited to play at a new sweepstakes casino only to be met with a never-ending registration form and a complicated verification process. Every sweepstakes casino we review, we personally sign up to and complete verification.

When rating a platform, we are looking for sweepstakes casino sites that have simple 2-step registration forms and that allow you to start playing straight away without getting verified. If a site starts wanting to know everything about you, that is a red flag. At the best sweepstakes casinos, you can sign up in under 2 minutes by simply sharing your name, date of birth, email, address, and mobile phone number.

Also, when it comes to pass verification, we are looking for sites that have streamlined the process, only require minimal documents, and get the whole process completed in less than 24 hours.

A common trick that shady online sweepstakes casinos employ is that they suddenly go AWOL when it is time to verify your account and redeem your SC. They will ask for more and more documents and make up excuses for why it is taking so long or why the documents you are provided are not suitable. Be very wary if the verification process is not smooth!

Mobile Compatibility and Apps

Pulsz Casino App

As many as 70% of our readers prefer to play at sweepstakes casinos from their mobile devices. That is why we always take the time to download the casino’s app from iOS and Android and also test out the casino’s mobile site from different browsers and devices.

When reviewing a sweepstakes casino’s mobile compatibility and app, we are looking at navigation, loading speed, how well online casino games adapt to mobile, and overall ease of use. The top sweepstakes casinos offer a seamless mobile gaming experience where you can access hundreds of free games from your phone, effortlessly access bonuses, and redeem your sweeps coins for cash prizes.

Next Steps if a Casino Didn’t Make The Cut

If a sweepstakes casino fails to meet our high standards, then we will not recommend this site to our readers. In fact, we will add it to our list of sweepstakes casinos to avoid. This blacklist serves as an important resource that improves the overall safety of the online sweepstakes casino industry and protects our readers from having a poor gaming experience.

Why You Can Trust Our Reviews

Our team has combined 100s of years of iGaming experience and has spent thousands of hours playing at online sweepstake casinos. We leverage all of this expertise to provide you with fair, honest, and extensive sweepstakes casino reviews.

We go into every review with a 100% open mind, and every site is tested based on our rating process, which we detailed above. Only the sweepstakes casino sites that truly excel based on our review methodology score our coveted tick of approval.

We take great pride in being an accurate and helpful resource for sweepstakes casino players. We guard our reputation closely, so you can rest assured that all information you find on our site is truthful and up to date. If you find any inaccuracies, please contact us, and we will quickly amend any mistakes.

How to Find The Best US Sweepstake Casinos

The easiest way to find the best sweepstake casinos is to select any site that has our seal of approval. We have personally tested 100 + sweepstakes casinos and spent more time than we care to admit registering, playing, claiming bonuses, and redeeming. Take advantage of our hard work and instantly get access to the best sweepstakes sites and exclusive bonuses.

Alternatively, if you feel like rolling up your sleeves and doing your own research, pull up a handful of US sweepstakes casinos and analyze them based on our review process outlined above. Make sure you systematically follow our rating process and give each sweepstakes casino a score based on each factor. When you are done, add up all of the different scores and compare them between sites.

A top-rated sweepstakes casino site should have a wide selection of slots and table online casino games from licensed providers, for example, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, and BGaming.

The site should be run by a US-based company and follow all sweepstakes regulations, including verifying players and giving away regular free sweeps coins. The sweepstakes casino should have a fully mobile-optimized website and offer secure payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, online bank transfer, Skrill, and PayPal.

Why We Review Sweepstakes Casinos

Sweepstakes casino sites and iGaming is our passion. We love nothing more than playing the latest video slot games, squeezing in a few hands of blackjack in our spare time, and winning real money prizes. With our site, Sweepstake Casinos, we get to share our insider knowledge with you!

Also, as the sweepstakes casino industry is booming and unregulated, there are so many sites to choose from and, unfortunately, a few rogue operators. So we want to help you quickly find the best sweepstakes casinos so you can have a safe gaming experience and avoid any shady sites.

Sweepstakes Casinos is a for-profit website. We earn money via affiliate commissions from sweepstakes casinos. However, this does not impact the objectivity of our reviews as we only choose to partner with sites that score highly based on our review process. We will never jeopardize the site’s integrity in pursuit of just affiliate commissions.

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