Sweepstakes Roulette Games: Play Roulette Online For Free or Real Money

Written by:
Jon Ridehalgh
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Bogdan Lunkan
December 13, 2023

Sweepstakes Roulette

Roulette is a mega-popular casino game with simple rules and dynamic gameplay. Casino enthusiasts revere it for its elegance and competitive odds.

If playing at a real casino is not an option, players in the US can always rely on sweepstakes casinos for free, legal roulette action.

Sweepstakes roulette tables have the same rules, same odds and offer several exciting variants. But free doesn’t mean lacking an edge, because you can play roulette to win real money.

This article will cover more than just the basics of online roulette. You can play roulette by claiming a free sign up bonus for any of the sweepstakes casinos found throughout the page.

What is Roulette?

The term roulette was first mentioned in 1716 France, but its genesis is varied and this makes the game all the more interesting.

Casino historians locate its origins in an Italian game of chance based on a table of numbers, but lacking a wheel. The actual invention of roulette is credited to the French scientist Blaise Pascal, who just wanted to invent a perpetuum mobile.

Let’s say that, in a way, Pascal succeeded. The roulette wheel never stops spinning the world over! Be it in the grand casino resorts of Las Vegas or at US sweepstakes casinos, roulette’s unrivaled gameplay is attracting millions of people each year.

Online roulette is nearly as old as the commercial internet. In the mid 90’s the UK company Microgaming included online roulette as part of its first online casino. The experience has come a long way since.

Roulette Casino Game

These are the basic steps to playing roulette:

  • Set the value of your chip;
  • Place a chip on one of the bets on the table;
  • Or distribute your chips across two or more kinds of bets;
  • Confirm your play and press Spin to set the wheel in motion;

Players who are serious about increasing their winning chances can consider implementing a roulette strategy. There is more than one out there that can be applied to any roulette game, including sweeps roulette.

Novice or expert in the game, today you can experience roulette tables with excellent graphics and gameplay, sound immersion and guaranteed random results – legally and free at sweeps casinos.

Online Roulette Games

Online roulette is designed with perfection in mind to bring as closely as possible the dynamic of the physical game. Over the years, digital roulette platforms have seen immense improvements so that players can get the level of quality that was unimaginable ten years ago. One of the options is live dealer roulette, which is available at several sweepstakes venues.

Sweeps casino roulette games can be found in two basic variants: European and American.

Depending on the variant, the roulette wheel consists of 37 or 38 pockets, respectively, with numbers between zero (or double zero) and 36. The wheel itself can be located centrally or to the players’ right, however this doesn’t have any bearing on the game itself, being only a matter of style.

All the available bets that you can call before spinning the wheel are located on the digital felt. Roulette has two categories of bets – inside and outside. Players can keep it simple by betting on a single call or they can combine two or more bets to improve their chances for a win.

  • Basic inside bets include: calling a number straight, calling two adjacent numbers, or three in a row.
  • Basic outside bets include: calling even or odd numbers, red or black, or whether the ball lands on a low number, between 1 and 18 or a high number, between 19 and 36.

As is the case with land casinos, a win on sweepstakes roulette results in paying back your initial bet plus the proceeds. Players can win between 1x and 35x the bet, where the quantity of the amount reflects the probability within the odds.

Red/Black and Odd/Even are simple bets that pay 1:1, meaning the amount of your bet even. The highest payout from a single kind of bet is the straight bet, where you can call one number. If the ball stops in that slot, the payout is a hefty 35x.

Today, international game providers like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt and Relax Gaming make online roulette for the leading land and online casinos. Many sweepstakes casinos source their games from these providers too, so you can expect the best tables and variants at the top US venues.

Online Roulette Rules

The learning curve for roulette is rather flat, as every process that is part of the gameplay is expertly automated. Anyone coming from real casino roulette experience knows that this doesn’t remove the pleasure from playing online.

In fact, certain sweeps casino roulette games are curated, meaning, you can toggle on pointers and comments that help you understand the game and play better. Some providers include a probability chart, which can be instructive, to say the least.

Online Roulette Rules

Since European roulette has the biggest representation as a sweepstakes roulette game, we’ll look at a few unique rules that apply to it. There are sweepstakes casinos whose roulette games use these rules and some that don’t, however, standard rules always apply.

The “En Prison” rule basically gives you a second chance at a win from the same bet, if you  placed an even money bet and the ball stopped on the green, zero pocket.

The other “rule”, which is more of a betting availability, is the option to call sections on the wheel. What this does is place a bet on a specific range with varying odds of winning.

Called or announced bets include:

  • Neighbors of zero cover the 17 numbers surrounding the zero: between 22 and 25; winning odds: 45.90%.
  • Wheel thirds cover 12 numbers opposite of the so-called zero game range, between 27 and 33; winning odds: 32.40%.
  • Zero game covers the numbers between 12 and 15; winning odds 18.90%.
  • Orphans are two sets of eight numbers that fall outside the previous calls. These sets are found on opposite ends and cover between 1 and 9 and 6 and 17; winning odds: 21.60%.

Roulette Odds & Payouts

Knowing the odds for the available roulette bets can help advanced players strategize better and optimize their bankroll. We are providing a reference table for the European variant as it is the most common kind of sweepstakes roulette. Regardless of the bet, the house edge is always factored in. The house edge for single number wins in European roulette is 2.70%; the same for the American variant is 5.26%.

🎲Name of bet🔟Numbers covered🤞Odds
Straight numbersAny number35 to 1
SplitAny two adjacent numbers17 to 1
StreetAny three in a row11 to 1
Corner (squad)Four adjacent numbers8 to 1
Double streetTwo rows comprising six numbers5 to 1
Columns of 1212 numbers from the first, second or third column2 to 1
Dozens1-12; 13-24; 25-362 to 1
Red or Black/1 to 1
Odd or Even/1 to 1
Greater numbers19-361 to 1
Smaller numbers1-181 to 1

Best Online Sweepstakes Roulette Games

Sweeps roulette presents players across the US with a unique opportunity to enjoy the game, even if your state doesn’t allow online gambling. In our experience, the only prevailing difference between online casino and sweepstakes roulette is that the sweeps option enables free play.

In addition to the always-free possibility, qualifying patrons can play in promotional mode with sweeps coins, for a chance to win more of the same real cash redeemable currency.

Our experts have explored many roulette games to present you with the best roulette variants available at most sweepstakes casinos.

Lucky Roulette 500x (Sweeptastic Casino)

Lucky Roulette 500x

Among the best three roulette tables at Sweeptastic Casino is Belatra’s European style 500x Lucky Roulette. You can have lots of fun on this game because it offers all the bets and lets you play for a chance to win up to 500x your bet. Lucky Roulette has a unique feature: before each spin, the game designates five random numbers as lucky. If the ball lands on one of those, you can win between 50x and 500x your bet.

4 free Sweeps Coins + 30,000 Lucky Coins

French Roulette Live (Chanced Casino)

French Roulette Live

Chanced casino has some of the best roulette games that you’ll find at any social/sweepstakes casino that comes with live stats and graphs that can aid the player in calling the next shot. Another huge benefit for French sweeps roulette players is that even bets that don’t pan out right will get half the money back. And last, but not least, this is one of several live dealer games – a category known for setting the bar for excitement higher.

2 SC No Deposit Bonus

Stake Originals Roulette (Stake.us)

Stake Originals Roulette

Perhaps graphic design isn’t its forte, but this sweeps roulette by Stake US has all that you need to enjoy the game in free or promotional mode. Players can split bets and call any of the possible combinations off the table. Overall, Stake’s in-house game doesn’t appear to offer much in terms of graphics. On the other hand, this game is part of a solid collection of sweepstakes casino slots and table games that you can readily enjoy in all but seven US states.

10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash

Roulette Multi (Vegas Gems)

Roulette Multi

Out of all sweeps casinos, Vegas Gems makes playing group roulette effortless. We navigated to the Roulette Multi option at the Casino Games tab on the menu and were immediately presented with a few tables. You can join any group session that has an open slot. Chips range in value between 0.01 and 500 sweeps coins, giving lots of ground for players who want to turn this into a high-stakes game.

Win up to 1000 Gems + 50% Extra gems On Your First Shards Purchase

American Roulette (Chanced Casino)

American Roulette

The venue at hand has a Chanced Originals roulette that doesn’t differ too much from other in-house tables. The prevailing difference is that this is one of the rare American sweeps roulette games.  In other words, the odds are longer and, conversely, the house has a bigger edge. On the other hand, players have the option to call the Five Number bet (1, 2, 3, 0, 00) on American roulette.

2 SC No Deposit Bonus

How to Play Roulette Online

Online casinos usually dedicate entire sections to virtual roulette, however, these are limited in availability in most US states that haven’t legalized online gambling. A rare exception to this rule are online sweepstakes casinos where players can enjoy sweeps roulette and play to win real money.

Although these venues offer fewer variants, any individual game has the same potential for excitement, payouts and odds of the popular casino game. If you want to start playing free sweepstakes roulette, you can start by registering an account.

  • Choose one of the sweeps casinos on this page
  • Claim the sign up bonus by pressing the Play Now button
  • Use your email address and name to sign up
  • Confirm your account via email
  • Confirm your number to utilize the entire no deposit bonus
  • Go to the game roster and choose your roulette game
  • If you play with sweeps coins and win, you can redeem cash

Regardless of the developer, every roulette table has the same buttons and options. Typically, there are five or six chips with different amounts. Use your mouse or finger to place one or more chips on the table. Press the Spin button to start the wheel. If you want to repeat the same bet, press Spin again and if not, you can place your bets anew.

10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash
4 free Sweeps Coins + 30,000 Lucky Coins
Win up to 1000 Gems + 50% Extra gems On Your First Shards Purchase
2 SC No Deposit Bonus

Roulette Free Play

Sweepstakes casinos are free by default and by law, so any player who fulfills the age and state requirement can partake in a game of online roulette. There are two types of coins used for playing casino games: gold coins and sweeps coins. Each sweeps venue has a button at the top of the page that lets you switch between the two.

Roulette Free Play

Gold coins can be obtained daily for free and on a regular basis. This is a common model that presents casino patrons with the perfect practice grounds for online casino games. Roulette is no exception.

You can  play casino style games and roulette online for free by betting gold coins. What’s more, you can try different strategies and then play with sweeps coins – something that’s not available at classical online casinos.

Roulette Real Money

Real money casinos tend to have more than a few roulette options. Most offer live dealer roulette too, which gets as close to the real deal as possible, but isn’t free like at sweeps casinos. If you live in a state where online casinos are available, you can play roulette with real money considering these limitations.

For one, unlike sweeps casino roulette, casinos online don’t offer free money. The option to top up your bankroll is always available, but there are no daily kickbacks like free gold coins. And last but not least, sweeps coins can be obtained for free in various ways as part of the twin-currency model, but you can also get SCs instantly by purchasing a gold coin package, use them on roulette, and cash-out any winnings.

Best Sweepstakes Casinos to Play Free Online Roulette & Win Real Cash Prizes

10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash
4 free Sweeps Coins + 30,000 Lucky Coins
2 SC No Deposit Bonus

US sweepstakes casinos game catalogs are on par with some of the best international online casinos, which makes them just as attractive. With this comes the responsibility to provide the players with a secure website, privacy policy, customer support, welcome bonuses and more.

In our top choice of sweeps casinos with roulette, you’ll be sure to find unique variants that lead to real money winnings. Alongside roulette, these casinos offer a spectacular choice of online slots and jackpot games. When it comes to regular vs sweeps venues, our reaction is and always will be, claim your free bonus and let the sweepstakes begin.

🥇Chanced Casino

Chanced Casino Games

Although the casino was founded in 2023, its customer service and choice of game demonstrates a can-do attitude in respect to US sweeps players. The venue has random events and rewards, excellent gold coin purchase structure and jackpots.

We are still looking for a more competitive offer of live sweeps roulette games, as Chanced Casino provides no less than five live games and one of its in-house virtual roulette. Indeed, Chanced is a new sweeps casino site but the signup bonus is quite handsome, and straightforward at that: 2 sweep coins, no deposit required.

Game-wise, Chanced has close to 600 games from a dozen top-tier providers, including the likes of Pragmatic Play, Relax Gaming and Hacksaw. Online roulette is, of course, part of the menu.

2 SC No Deposit Bonus


Stake.us Casino Roulette

There is little point in extolling the US-facing Stake casino site as this is a premier sweepstakes and social casinos outlet known for crypto payouts. Stake offers hundreds of games, lots of spectacular events and ongoing bonuses. Registering with our link will start you off with 10,000 Gold Coins and one unit of stake cash.

Players can expect a decent sweeps roulette lobby consisting of its in-house Stake Originals and Pragmatic Play’s, one of the top global providers of independently-tested table and slot games. The variants are up for choosing, however, the most popular version will always be European Roulette.

10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash

🥉Sweeptastic Casino

Sweeptastic Roulette

One of the top new sweepstake casinos in the US, Sweeptastic offers an insane number of casino games – upward of 1000! Among them are many sweepstakes roulette variants that you can start playing today thanks to our exclusive bonus: VIP European roulette, Zoom roulette, French Roulette and so on.

Signing up for free will place two sweep coins in your account, along with 27,777 gold coins. But there is a kicker. Your first gold coin purchase can add up to 25 extra sweep coins to your bankroll. As we mentioned above, Belatra’s roulette games offer a special tweak that we’ve happily enjoyed many times over.

4 free Sweeps Coins + 30,000 Lucky Coins

Tips & Tricks to Win at Roulette

Since you are ready to spin the roulette wheel, why not do it in style and with some handy tips under your belt. This should make your online gambling experience more fun and perhaps more fortunate.

  • Verify your phone number to unlock the full no deposit bonus.
  • Use your opportunity to make good on the first-purchase bonus, as they tend to come with extra coins.
  • If you are completely new at roulette, start with low bets then increase as you build confidence.
  • Test different bets in relation to the probability chart; it’s sensible to bet more coins on bets with shorter odds.
  • Outside bets tend to reward more often than inside bets.
  • Try the 3/2 system: three chips on odd, even, red or black plus two chips on a three-column.
  • Be on the lookout for emails and/or text messages if you subscribed for it, as casinos are keen on sharing awesome perks and more bonuses.
  • If you are running low on sweeps coins you can always purchase a gold coin package and get SCs free.

Is Roulette Worth Playing at Sweepstakes Casinos?

The sweeps casino model is not only enjoying a moment in time, it is also becoming a serious competitor to online casinos. This makes dozens of excellent sweeps roulette games available to millions of casino enthusiasts across the US. Yes, some of the options have basic graphics but there are also amazing 3D and live tables.

Overall, we are yet to find a better alternative to real casino roulette as it’s hard to beat playing free roulette or getting scores of sweeps coins for free. The best part is, players who land a big win can convert it to real money easily and legally.

Are Roulette Sweepstakes Games Legit or Rigged?

Sweepstakes casinos are not bound by the same stringent regulation as online casinos. Even though they are regulated at the federal level, casinos working with the sweeps model enjoy widespread availability in around 47 US states. That said, sweepstakes casinos legal games are available to play for free or with cash-redeemable currency.

Our website reviews and recommends casino brands that are well-established and trusted. The overwhelming majority of casino websites here offer games that are independently tested by professional auditors in the casino industry. Furthermore, their providers are licensed by government authorities in one or more countries in Europe and in some cases North America.

Play Online Roulette No Deposit & Win Real Money!

This part needs no further introduction, but let’s just reiterate that online sweepstakes casinos are and always will be free. Thanks to the business model, anyone of legal age in the US (usually 18+) can register for free and play free roulette as long as they keep the account.

So, how do sweeps casinos make money? Great question! They do when players purchase gold coin packages. And many do in order to have a guaranteed bankroll for roulette or other casino games that they can play to win cash prizes.

Sweepstakes no deposit bonuses are very common and do apply to sweepstakes roulette. In fact, you’ll find such bonuses right on this page, enabling you to play games of Lucky roulette, Zoom roulette, European roulette or other styles today.


  • Can you win real money playing sweepstakes roulette?
    Players with an account can obtain free sweeps coins and play roulette for a chance to win more prizes. Sweepstakes coins are legally redeemable for real cash. We recommend playing at venues that are trusted by our casino experts.
  • How do you win at online sweepstakes roulette?
    Roulette offers multiple bets with realistic odds. Betting on columns, dozens or smaller/greater numbers includes a greater range of numbers the ball can land on.
  • Where can you play sweepstakes roulette for free?
    Online roulette is available at sweeps casinos, which are required by law to provide free play casino games to qualifying customers. Different roulette variants can be played with gold coins, which entail no real-money winnings or with sweeps coins which can be redeemed for real cash prizes.
  • Anyone 18 or older can register at sweepstakes casino sites and play roulette and other casino games legally. This rule doesn’t apply to residents of states that are not accepted by some venues. You can find out which states are not accepted by visiting the specific casino review page.
  • What is the best sweeps roulette variant?
    The most common form of roulette is European and its French subvariant because of the lower house edge. This variant often allows the “called bets” option which allows for several additional bets on the table.
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