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Written by:
Alex Windsor
Fact checked by:
Michael Fatouros
December 5, 2023

Submit Your Casino for Review

Are you looking to showcase your online sweepstakes casino to a broad audience? Then, you are in the right place. At, we specialize in providing honest, unbiased, and in-depth reviews of online social casinos, trusted by a vast number of players each month. If we have not yet covered your brand, we invite you to submit it for consideration at your earliest convenience. If it meets our standards, it might be featured alongside the world’s top sweepstakes gaming sites.

Comprehensive casino evaluation

Our expert team will conduct a thorough evaluation of your sweepstakes casino. Our entire review methodology is comprehensive and strict. We delve deep into each casino’s offerings and present them in a rating-based format.

Our goal is to provide impartial reviews that highlight both the advantages and drawbacks of each sweepstakes casino. This approach allows us to present a well-rounded perspective, aiding players in making informed decisions.

We make sure that each operator we advertise not only makes appealing promises but also stands by them. We continuously monitor the sweepstakes casinos we have reviewed and update our assessments to reflect any significant changes in their operations.

Also, rest assured that our casino reviews are not influenced by external incentives. We pride ourselves on our commitment to honesty and player safety. This statement also extends to how we address player experiences since we incorporate user testimonials.

As veterans in the North American gambling landscape, our goal is ultimately to safeguard players in a market rife with legal and risk aspects.

Our sweepstakes casino rating criteria

We aim to provide accurate, relevant, and informative reviews to guide players as they choose where to play. When evaluating each sweepstakes casino, we:

  • Verify legal and regulatory compliance (operating license);
  • Examine the attractiveness and fairness of welcome offers and promotions;
  • Assess the transparency and “reasonableness” of each bonus’s terms and conditions;
  • Review the diversity and quality of games offered;
  • Assess the variety and reliability of payment methods;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and availability of customer support services;
  • Check device compatibility and mobile gaming support;
  • Assess the user experience and interface design;
  • Evaluate the visual appeal and navigational ease;
  • Consider player feedback and historical performance.

A favorable review on our site will significantly enhance your visibility to thousands of potential players and expand your player base in the competitive North American sweepstakes gaming market.

How not to end up on our blacklist?

We prioritize player safety above all. Therefore, we adopt a zero-tolerance policy toward sweepstakes casinos that engage in unethical practices. This includes any deceptive advertising, unfair gaming practices, failure to secure player data, lack of transparency in terms and conditions, or any form of fraudulent behavior (be it suspected or confirmed). We are committed to maintaining a trustworthy and secure online gambling environment.

Submission instructions

To submit your brand for review, please send us your details via our contact form. Our team of experts will promptly begin the verification process.

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