Sweepstakes Casinos Referral Bonuses

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Michael Fatouros
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November 27, 2023

Sweepstake Casinos Referral Bonuses

Want to win free coins to play slots and other casino games by just getting your friends to sign up? The sweepstakes sites’ referral bonus rewards players and invited friends with free Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins when they sign up and make a purchase.

Sweeps cash casinos are sites that offer risk-free play on online casino games while also allowing players to win real cash prizes. Unlike real money online casinos that are only legal in CT, DE, MI, NJ, PA, and WV, sweepstakes casinos are legal in all US states with a few exceptions.

With the referral bonus, existing players only need to send their referral link to friends and family, and every time someone signs up with their bonus code, both of you get free bonus money to play slots, table games, and other casino-style games. What makes this bonus more interesting is that you can use the free sweepstakes coins to play games and win real money.

I’m going to show you the free sweeps cash casinos with the best referral promotions and how you can claim them. Also, as a bonus, I’ll let you know how to take advantage of the free signup bonus offered by these sweepstakes casinos to win even more cash prizes.

Top Sweepstakes Referral Bonuses and Codes

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus
GET UP TO 367,000 GC + FREE 32.3 SC
400,000 TRN + 1,000 free Entries on Registration
128,800 Tao Coins + Up to 500 Free SC Daily
100,000 Gold Coins on Registration
1000GC+ 0.21 SC No Deposit Bonus
Get up to 90,000 Gold Coins + 9.8 SC FREE
250 Free Virtual Credit on Signup

A referral bonus is one of the exciting ways free Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins are given to players by social casinos. Despite how lucrative it is for players and free casinos, this type of bonus isn’t common among online sweepstakes casinos.

So if you want to earn anytime you invite a friend to play casino-style games at an alternative online gambling site, here are the top sweeps cash casinos with amazing referral bonus offers.

Pulsz Casino Referral Bonus

pulsz casino referral bonuses

Being one of the best US sweepstakes casinos, Pulsz players are offered free play on over 500+ casino games. I can say that Pulsz Casino has one of the best referral bonuses of all sweep cash casinos. Players are offered 20 sweepstakes coins for each friend they invite through their referral link.

Invited friends are not left out, as they get the free 20 Sweeps Coins if they sign up through the link. For you and your friend to be eligible for this bonus, your referral must make a purchase, after which the Sweeps Coins will be credited to your account.

I also love that the Pulsz Casino referral bonus has no limit to who you can invite. So, let’s say you can invite 20 friends, and they all make a purchase; you’d be credited with a sum of 400 Sweeps Coins which you can then use in playing casino games to win real cash prizes.

GET UP TO 367,000 GC + FREE 32.3 SC

Fortune Coins Casino Referral Bonus

Fortune coins casino refer a friend

Apart from the exclusive free no-deposit bonus of 360,000 Gold Coins and 1,200 Fortune Coins welcome bonus awarded to new players, Fortune Coins lets you benefit from a referral program.

The prizes are as follows:

GC Purchased by Referred PlayerReferral Prize
1,000,000400,000 GC + 200 FC
5,000,0001,200,000 GC + 500 FC
20,000,0004,000,000 GC + 1,000 FC
50,000,0007,500,000 GC + 1,500 FC
200,000,00020,000,000 GC + 2,000 FC
700,000,00070,000,000 GC + 3,000 FC
1,200,000,000120,200,000 GC + 4,500 FC

You don’t need to deposit real money or purchase Gold Coins to play available casino games. But if you and your invited friend want to qualify for the referral bonus, you both need to make a minimum first purchase. Keep in mind that 100 SCs are valued at $1.

Unlike the Pulsz Casino referral bonus, the fortune coins and Gold Coins awarded to you and your friends are determined by the value of the gold coin package they purchase. Then, you are lucky, you can trigger one of the Fortune Coins progressive jackpots with up to $900,000.

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus

Vegas Gems Referral Program

Vegas Gems revenue sare referral code

Vegas Gems lets you become an affiliate by introducing your own referral code. Instead of getting a fixed percentage back, I love that the casino pays out a percentage of accumulated player losses. Plus, you get all your monthly payments directly to your bank account.

Unlike other referral programs, Vegas Gems has opted for a revenue share system. You can climb the 10 tiers and enjoy the rewards. I’ve just created my code, and I can see my dashboard with registration, depositors, the casino’s revenue, and my wallet revenue.

Vegas Gems referral dashboard

To climb the tiers, you need:

  • Tier 1: 1 Referred user – revenue share up to 30%
  • Tier 2: 100 Referred users
  • Tier 3: 200 Referred users
  • Tier 4: 300 Referred users
  • Tier 5: 400 Referred users
  • Tier 6: 500 Referred users
  • Tier 7: 600 Referred users
  • Tier 8: 700 Referred users
  • Tier 9: 800 Referred users
  • Tier 10: 900 Referred users

P.S. If you use our exclusive no deposit code SWEEPSCASINO, you will get up to 1,000 Gems for free.

Win up to 1000 Gems + 50% Extra gems On Your First Shards Purchase

LuckyBird.io Referral Bonus

LuckyBird.io Referral Bonus

LuckyBird.io is yet another quality addition to the sweepstakes market, letting you become part of their affiliate. If you get your friends to sign up through your referral link (you can even download promo banners!), you get a commission!

I like that 25% is the start of the commission rate, but it gets better – you can get up to 60%. This is how they calculate your commission from every referral:

  • SC wagered * 1% * commission rate (25% for Affiliate Level 1)

The minimum transfer allowed is 0.01 SC – to your game balance, which means there are basically no limitations. Keep in mind that wagers can only come from players who have purchased or set up their email accounts. Another interesting feature is that you can create multiple campaigns with different names and codes.

Let me remind you that LuckyBird.io offers new US players 1000.0000 Gold Coins and 0.2100 Sweepstake Cash on registration.

1000GC+ 0.21 SC No Deposit Bonus

Funrize Casino Referral Bonus

funrize casino refer a friend

Funrize is a fairly new sweepstakes casino in the US, but that hasn’t stopped them from launching a fully functioning and rewarding player referral scheme. From the moment you have your account created and verified, you can start sharing links with friends and track their activity to see whether they have signed up and deposited money.

You can refer players with a regular hyperlink or unique promo code or even use their unique QR code, making it super easy for friends on mobile to scan and sign up.

The rewards from this scheme are for both players, with a Tournament Coin package worth $19.99 in total required to trigger the rewards. Both players are rewarded; you receive 500,000 Coins and 2,000 Free Entries, and your friend gets 400,000 Coins and 500 Free Entries. This is on top of the regular welcome offers!

If you want to extend the sharing further, then very similar referral schemes are also available at both of the sister sites, NoLimitCoins Casino and Tao Fortune Casino, and operate in a very similar fashion.

400,000 TRN + 1,000 free Entries on Registration

High 5 Casino Referral Program

By inviting your friends to join through your unique link, you can get the H5 Casino referral bonus rewards. Let me tell you right off the bat that this promotion is limited to 25 referrals, which is something I’m not fond of.

For each referral, you get a bonus of 200 GC, 5 SC, and 200 diamonds, no matter the referee’s first purchase. This is a positive, as your friends won’t have to spend a predefined amount of money or buy a specific package. However, your referee must make the purchase within 30 days of signing up.

While the referral might not be the best out there, I enjoy playing at High 5 Casino. If you sign up using our links, you get 250 Game Coins, 600 Diamonds, + 5 Sweeps Coins without any purchases.

5 Sweeps Coins, 250 Game Coins, and 600 Diamonds

How Do Referral Bonuses Work at Sweepstakes Casinos?

A referral bonus is a special promotion that provides players and their invited friends with free coins. Unlike the welcome bonus that players get when they sign up with a sweepstakes promo code or affiliate link, referral bonuses are exclusive to users who are invited through a link by an already existing player.

After signing up with a referral link and making the first qualifying purchase, you and your referee would be credited with free sweeps or Gold Coins. Among all promotions you’d find in legally free casinos, referral bonuses are the only promotion that favors players and the casino.

In essence, you are providing them with new players, but as a result, both you and the new player will be some free coins!

How to Refer Your Friends to a Sweepstake Casino

Referring a friend to sweeps casinos is relatively easy and similar to how it’s done in traditional online casinos.

  1. The bonus is only available to existing players, so if you don’t have an account, you need to open one.
  2. Before signing with one, we suggest doing your due diligence. This will help you and your friends to play on top platforms.
  3. After signing up, the fun is just half started as you now have to send your unique link to friends and get them to open an account and make a deposit for the two of you to get the free money.

Referral links or codes are usually generated through the referral bonuses tab or the promotional section. If you cannot find this, contact the social casino’s support team.

Referral Codes and Links

For players to invite friends, sweepstakes casinos provide unique referral codes or links to players that they can send to potential referees. To make referring accessible, some social casinos allow players to use their usernames as referral bonus codes. With this, you can easily add your referral code to any conversation without pushing too hard.

funrize casino refer a friend procedure

Referral links also have their perks, as most sweepstakes casinos like Fortune Coins go out of their way to provide sharing options. So, even though you can’t memorize a link, you can forward it to your contact with a single click.

Required Steps to Get Your Referral Bonus

Unlike purchase bonuses or other sweepstakes promotions you can claim by visiting the sweep casinos’ promotion page, the referral bonus isn’t as straightforward. If you want to start inviting friends and earning, you need to take the following steps.

Step 1: Sign up at a sweepstakes casino with a referral bonus scheme

If you don’t already have an account with a sweepstakes casino, you should consider signing up with any of the ones mentioned above. Registration only takes a few minutes, and you’d only be required to fill in your name, mail, username, and password. While you might still need to provide more information when verifying your account, you can do it later.

account registration

Step 2: Play free casino games

After signing up, you’d need to play online casino games with the free Gold Coins or Sweepstakes Coins you are awarded as a welcome bonus. Since the referral bonus can only be claimed by existing players, it is essential to play slots or other available games at least once to unlock your referral link. After doing this, you will be recognized as an existing player and can then move on to the next step.

Step 3: Get your referral link or code

While some sweepstakes casinos use players’ usernames as the referral code, others don’t. If the online sweepstakes casino you’ve signed up at uses a referral bonus code, then you only need to send it to your friends or referee to use when necessary.

On the other hand, referral links are the most popular way most sweepstakes casinos adopt. To get yours, head to your account and click on the “refer-a-friend” or “invite” tab. Copy the link and share it with your friends.

Generate referral bonus link

Step 4: Have your friend make their first purchase with your code

After sending the link or referral bonus code to your friends, they need to use it during signup for the two of you to be eligible for the bonus. Although some sweepstakes casinos offer free sweeps and gold coins to both parties immediately after the referee signs up, most would require that your friend make a minimum purchase before the bonus is released. In cases like this, you, as the referrer, would get a referrer bonus, while your friends would get a purchase bonus.

Note: If there is already a first purchase bonus offer at the sweepstakes casino, both bonuses will be awarded concurrently.

Step 5: Claim Free Coins to play more casino style games

Once all requirements for claiming the bonus are met, your account will be credited with the free coins in a couple of days. When received, users are given the freedom to play free online slots, table games, or any casino games of their choice. If used to play slots, the bonus will be used as free spins. You can also claim other promotions to make things more interesting while still using the referral bonus.

Bonus Step: How to maximize referral rewards

Unlike traditional online casinos, sweepstakes casinos are free to play and legal in most parts of the United States, which makes it very easy to persuade your friends and family to sign up through your link.

If, after exhausting your friend list, you still want some free money, then you should consider posting it on Facebook pages and subreddits frequented by online gamblers. Remember, the more people you invite, the more free sweeps coins and gold coins you get.

Sweeps and Gold Coins Prizes for Referring Your Friends

Out of all the no-deposit and purchase bonuses offered by sweepstakes online casinos, the refer-a-friend promotion is the only one beneficial to all parties involved – the referrer, referee, and sweeps casinos. This bonus also raises the bar as it offers SC in addition to GC.

The GC allow players to play sweepstakes slots and table games for fun, and although they might not have any other use, they could go a long way in enhancing your online gambling experience.

On the other hand, the free Sweeps Coins awarded to you and your invited friends are virtual free money that sets the stage to win cash prizes. Although it cannot be withdrawn directly, you can play casino games at sweeps cash casinos and convert them to real money after making the required minimum.

Speaking of requirements, the free bonus money comes with a wagering requirement, which needs to be cleared for you to withdraw cash prizes.

Free money offered by referral bonuses provides great leverage when playing online casino games. When used right, it can yield enough Sweeps Coins you can convert to real money. These are my favorite tips that help me maximize my bonuses:

  • Playing games that are high-paying
  • Managing my bankroll by spreading out multiple bets on different games
  • Understanding the game’s mechanics before playing with SCs
  • Playing games with high RTP
  • Using referral bonuses with other no-deposit or deposit bonus offers

Refer Your Friends for Free Sweeps Coins Today!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you refer your friends to play games at a sweepstakes casino.

Since there is no limit to how many people you can invite (with a few exceptions), you are the only person stopping you from getting unlimited free Gold and Sweeps Coins. There is no better time to start than now, so why not sign up and start referring your friends!

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Deeply involved in the sweepstakes casino market since its uptick in the last decade, striving to keep players informed and safe. Mike has been closely monitoring the legal aspects and regulations surrounding sweepstakes casinos to guide readers to legit operators with top-notch services.

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