Lonestar.pro No Deposit Bonus & Promo Codes for June 2024

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Bogdan Lunkan
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May 30, 2024

Lonestar.pro No Deposit Bonus

Lonestar.pro has been around for over a decade, handing out 50.00 FUN tokens and 100 free spins no deposit bonuses to new players. This offer still stands and doesn’t require promo codes to claim, although I wouldn’t recommend playing at Lonestar.pro due to its shady reputation.

I’ll dive deep into why it would be better to play at more established sweepstakes sites in this guide, as well as dissect all no deposit bonuses Lonestar.pro has to offer so that you can make an educated decision. Without any further ado, let’s see what you can expect from this sweepstakes site.

Lonestar.pro No Deposit Bonuses

Unlike sweepstakes sites that bundle their no deposit bonuses, Lonestar.pro has split its free coins and spins into separate packages. You don’t need to perform any specific actions to grab your 50.00 FUN tokens, but you’ll be asked to download the Lonestar.pro app to get 100 free spins.

Besides no deposit promos, Lonestar.pro has a few offers for existing players, including two reload deposit bonuses with different values and wagering terms and a cashback bonus that automatically activates once your FUN tokens drop under $1. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most notable Lonestar.pro bonuses:

🎁Bonus Type💰Bonus AmountHow to Claim❓
No Deposit Welcome Bonus50.00 FUN TokensLog into your Lonestar.pro account
No Deposit Free Spins100 free spinsDownload the Lonestar.pro app
2x Deposit Bonus100% match in FUN tokensMake a deposit and meet the 7x rollover
3x Deposit Bonus200% match in FUN tokensMake a deposit and meet the 7x rollover
Cashback Bonus25% cashback of up to $250Deposit at least $5

Even though these bonuses are quite high compared to the industry’s average, I’d argue they’re not worth your time or money. Even if we put aside Lonestar.pro’s murky reputation, this casino doesn’t use “traditional” sweeps – it uses FUN tokens renowned for their instability.

Instead of risking real-life money on a website with dubious support functions and T&Cs, I recommend tapping our banners to register an account on reputable sweepstakes casinos trusted by thousands of players nationwide.

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Lonestar.pro Casino 50 Free Sign-Up Bonus

Lonestar Pro Bonus

After testing dozens of online and sweepstakes casinos, I was certain there weren’t many things left that could surprise me. Lonestar.pro did so by creating an account for me and filling the balance with 50.00 FUN tokens without my knowledge or consent.

Even though it’s just a guest account with no personal information, I was surprised to see an up-and-running profile ready to play already configured as soon as I opened Lonestar’s main page.

That being said, you don’t have to do anything besides typing “Lonestar.pro” in your browser’s address bar and tapping enter to claim this bonus.

Keep in mind that switching your IP address or logging in from a different profile (e.g. changing your preferred Google account) will also wipe this provisional account and all of its funds. To ensure you can retain your bonus FUN tokens you’ll need to set up an account with one of Lonestar.pro retailers.

How to Get the Lonestar.pro No Deposit Bonus

After opening lonestar.pro casino’s main page, you may notice that buttons like “Register” or “Join” don’t exist. This is common for casinos like Fire Kirin or Gameroom777, which operate through agents rather than directly offering casino services. Lonestar.pro works on a similar principle – it outsources games to “operators”, such as bar or game room owners.

The first step to creating a Lonestar.pro Casino account is to tap “Find Local Retailer” on its website. Then, you will be prompted to enter your ZIP code. Tap “Search” to scan your area for available Lonestar.pro operators.

Once you’ve selected an operator, you will be able to set up an account from their website and use those credentials to log into Lonestar.pro’s website. This will give you a fresh batch of 50.00 FUN tokens, but unlike guest accounts, you’ll get to keep these.

Lonestar.pro 100 Free Spins No Deposit

Lonestar.pro Free Spins

Setting up an account is required to grab the first part of the Lonestar.pro Casino welcome bonus, but there’s more. With a verified account, you can now download the app and claim 100 free spins at one of Lonestar.pro’s operators.

The bonus rules for this promotion are very unclear, and I can’t even guarantee that all Lonestar operators support it. However, what I do know for certain is that this bonus has a 25x rollover requirement, which seems to be universal for most Lonestar.pro agents.

Your 100 free spins can be used whenever and on whichever game you want, excluding fish games like Galaxy Shooter, Dragon’s Fight, or Kracky King 2. I should also note that certain operators may impose different bet limits and additional game restrictions for this promotion.

Overall, I don’t recommend downloading Lonestar.pro’s app since it’s unavailable on trusted platforms like Google Play or Apple App Store. No one can guarantee that you won’t be downloading spyware on your device, and 100 free spins are certainly not worth the risk. Use our banners to claim real bonuses from trustworthy sweepstakes operators instead.

Bonus Terms & Conditions

This casino doesn’t have a fleshed-out Bonus Policy like popular sweepstakes casinos, and every promotion seems to have a different set of rules. More importantly, these “rules” are vague and share no information about some of the most important aspects of casino promotions, such as bonus expiry dates, minimum deposit limits, max bet limits, and so on.

One of the most unusual bonus rules I encountered at Lonestar.pro is that players can’t make deposits unless their balance is under $0.10. This is a welcome boon to a casino that doesn’t offer any gambling tools like self-exclusion requests.

If there’s a bit of silver lining in Lonestar.pro promotions it’s that you won’t have to worry about any wagering requirements as far as your 50.00 FUN no deposit bonus is at stake.

The free spins have a 25x rollover requirement, which is quite high compared to the standard of sweepstakes casinos while reload bonuses have much lower playthrough terms (2x and 3x, respectively for 100% and 200% reload promos).

The only mention of a minimum deposit is tied to the Cashback Bonus. The rules bluntly state “make a deposit from $5 to $1,000”, full stop. Assuming that the description text of this bonus is accurate, players can receive 25% of their deposit back as soon as their account balance drops under $1. It’s unclear whether this is simply a method of delayed deposit activation or an actual rakeback.

Bonuses for Existing Lonestar.pro Players

Lonestar.pro Bonuses

Without promotions that would regularly refill your balance, running out of FUN tokens is an almost certain reality for most players. There are a few ways to refill your balance, although just like no deposit bonus rules, the terms for these promotions are quite vague:

  • 100% Reload Deposit Bonus: awards a 100% match on your deposit and has a 7x rollover requirement.
  • 200% Reload Deposit Bonus: awards a 200% match on your deposit and has a 9x rollover requirement.
  • 25% Cashback: gives you 25% of your deposit back up to $250 and works with payments of $5 to $1,000.

Excluding the cashback bonus, my main gripe with the reload promos is that Lonestar.pro doesn’t tell you how much you can get from reload deposit bonuses or what’s the minimum deposit requirement.

Refer-a-Friend Promotion

Lonestar.pro Code Confirmation

The referral bonus is only accessible to players with a verified account. If you’re still using your provisional (guest) account, you won’t be able to see the option.

You will need to pass a KYC check by providing your phone number first, but more importantly (and confusingly), this casino will also ask you to provide your friend’s phone number rather than giving you a referral link.

This way, you’ll get to send your friend $5 (in FUN tokens), and as soon as they deposit at least $5, you will receive the same amount for free. I was baffled when I realized that this bonus had a 30x rollover requirement; that would be acceptable if Lonestar was a real money casino. It’s mind-boggling how high it is for a sweepstakes site.

FUN Tokens: Lonestar.pro Currency Explained

I referenced FUN tokens quite a few times throughout the article, and it’s understandable if you’re unfamiliar with how they work. All Lonestar.pro no deposit bonuses (and promos for existing users) are paid out in this currency, and understanding its mechanics should help you decide whether you should give Lonestar a shot in the first place.

First of all, FUN tokens are cryptocurrency-powered tokens that are commonly assigned to guest accounts on various casual gaming platforms and social casinos. They are pegged to USD at a rate of approximately 0.0048 FUN to $1, but unlike traditional sweeps, their value changes every day.

If you come across Lonestar.pro operators that don’t support FUN token redemptions for real money, you can still cash out FUN tokens on exchange platforms like Binance, gate.io, Bitcoiva, BitMart, or Bitrue if you can transfer them to your e-wallet.

This is not something I recommend, though, since there’s no way to properly identify all Lonestar.pro operators and check if they’re legitimate casino operators.

Our Thoughts

Lonestar.pro Sweepstake Casino

There are too many red flags flying above Lonestar.pro for me to recommend this sweepstakes site, but for the sake of objectivity, let me provide some arguments.

Firstly, Lonestar.pro operates through agents that are almost unscannable. With very little information about the owners of bars, game rooms, and companies acting as Lonestar.pro operators, signing up on their sites is a big gamble.

Secondly, the lack of a unified payment system, not to mention that Lonestar.pro doesn’t deal with deposits and withdrawals at all, is troubling. You can never be sure who is processing your payments and who gets to see your banking details.

Thirdly, there’s the issue of FUN tokens. While they’re quite convenient for social casinos, wagering them on sweepstakes sites adds an extra layer of risk. I can’t overstate how absurdly large the wagering requirements are for regular promos, but at least no deposit bonuses are easy to grab.

With this in mind, I can’t recommend Lonestar.pro, even if its no deposit bonuses were twice as large and playthrough requirements halved. I recommend players use our banners to register at trustworthy sweepstakes sites with stable sweepstakes currencies, legit payment systems, and hefty bonus offers.

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