10 Best Slot Games to Play at Funrize Casino

Best Slots on Funrize Casino

Funrize is a sweepstakes casino launched in April 2022. Unlike real money online casinos (that are only legal in a handful of states), Funrize imposes significantly softer barriers of entry – you only need to fulfill these conditions:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have an ID registered outside of Washington, Idaho, or Wyoming
  • Make a free account and enjoy your stay

It’s a fairly young social casino with 60+ slot games, some of which are exclusively available from the Funrize app. You can win prizes when you play slot games at Funrize, but like with most social casinos, the number of free sweeps at your disposal will be limited.

125,000 Free Tournament Coins (TRN) on Registration

We’re here with the list of the best Funrize casino slots so that you can use them wisely – either for fun or to cash out real money.

🎰Best Funrize Casino Slots
🔝Top-rated slot gamesLuxor Relics, Dancing Lanterns, Book of Nile: Hold N Link, Jackpot Sevens, Osiris Gold
🤑Best-paying slot gamesCash Kingdom, Savanna Squad, Diamond Shot Blitz, Volcano Fruits, Book of Nile: Revenge
✍️Sign-up Bonus75,000 Tournament Coins
🎁PromotionsDaily log-in, referral, mail bonus
🍒Progressive Jackpot4 pools (Red, Silver, Gold, and Diamond)

Five Top-Rated Slot Games on Funrize Casino

🎰Slot Name💯RTP🔢Paylines📈Volatility💰Max Win⭐Special Features
Luxor Relics: Hold N Link96.31%50Medium-high1189xExpanding wilds, transforming fields, guaranteed wilds on the 10th spin, multipliers, Scatters
Dancing Lanterns95.02%50Medium557xExpanding wilds, moving lanterns, Lantern Boost, Scatters
Book of Nile: Hold N LInk95.32%10Medium6,000xScatter as a Wild, free spins, multipliers
Jackpot Sevens96.02%5High200,000xWilds, Scatters, special jackpots
Osiris Gold: Hold N Link95.95%243Medium648xWilds, Multipliers, Scatters, Respins, special jackpots

🥇1. Luxor Relics: Hold N Link

Luxor Relics: Hold N Link

NetGame’s famous for its “Hold N Link” series, and it can be argued that Luxor Relics made it extremely popular. Featuring a barrage of special bonuses and a very high RTP score, this jackpot-eligible game is outstandingly fun to play.

It isn’t the top-paying Funrize slot since its max win potential is only about 1189x, but the rewards you’ll get from special features can rack up quite a pile of winnings.

Keep an eye out for Mystery Pyramid symbols; wherever they appear, they will create a fiery outline on the field that will remain active for 10 rounds. Once you hit the 10th spin with the same bet, all affected fields will evolve into wild symbols on the next round.

Collecting three scatter symbols will initiate three respins, but almost half of the table will be replaced with cash and orb symbols complete with multipliers up to 5x.

As expected from a 50-pay line slot, Luxor Relics: Hold N Link is a fairly volatile game. Its overall volatility is reduced by the guaranteed wilds after 10 spins are rolled with the same wager amount.

🥈2. Dancing Lanterns

Dancing Lanterns

Similar to Luxor Relics, Dancing Lanterns is a 50-pay line slot game where you’ll mostly hunt for special symbols. As a medium volatility game, it doesn’t pay much but it pays often. Its max win potential is 557x and sadly, it is not a jackpot-eligible game.

On the bright side, it’s packed with a variety of special features, such as sticky wilds, expandable wilds, and more. The way these special symbols “interact” with each other is what makes Dancing Lanterns special – the Lanterns may move around the table or virtually explode into a cascade of wilds, resulting in huge winnings.

During each spin, there is a chance that a Dancing Lantern symbol will appear under any reel (up to five). When this happens, these symbols may move up a single position and transform into a Wild symbol.

This might not lead you to tremendous winnings, but if a Dancing Lantern should fall onto a Golden Lantern (the best-paying symbol in the game), up to nine surrounding fields will evolve into Wilds, potentially skyrocketing your earnings.

Scatters are an important part of the Dancing Lanterns slot. Collect at least three to initiate the Bonus round, during which you’ll receive 5-20 “picks”. Each “pick” can be used to reveal what the lanterns hold – 2-3 extra picks or 1-5 respins.

🥉3. Book of Nile: Hold N Link

Book of Nile: Hold N Link

NetGame meshed the main features of its “Hold N Link” system with the all-popular “Book of” slot game type, and Book of Nile was born. It’s a game where scatter symbols also serve as wildcards; free spins are rare but very bountiful, and expanding symbols come to your aid if you manage to collect at least three books on any reels.

Doing so will give you 3 free spins and activate the Hold N Link Bonus round. Bonus symbols will remain locked in position until you are out of respins, and whenever a new symbol pops up, the respin counter is reset.

Scatter symbols can also randomly hold multipliers when they act as Wilds. These multipliers are sometimes “blanks” (1x) but they can go as high as 100x.

The medium volatility of Book of Nile: Hold N Link does not reflect the chancy nature of its special features. This is a 10-pay line game with 10 symbols, meaning that you’ll often get to earn coins just by connecting winning combinations.

Just like in most “Book of” slots, the best-paying symbols will reward you even if you link only two of them.

🎖️4. Jackpot Sevens

Jackpot Sevens

As you might’ve guessed from its name, Jackpot Sevens is the ideal slot for high-rollers. It features its own version of jackpots – the Seven Jackpot, and the Scatter Jackpot.

The Seven Jackpot is quite straightforward – line up five 7s on an active payline, and you’ll be able to get up to 200,000x your wager. The Scatter Jackpot, on the other hand, requires a bit of grinding and commitment.

Whenever you land at least 3 scatter symbols, bonus rounds will start; during this time, special Diamond symbols will appear. Collecting 15 of them will activate the Scatter Jackpot, rewarding you with 100,000x of your wager. Not to worry if you miss a few diamonds; collecting less will still give you some coins.

Besides Diamonds, Star symbols will also frequently appear in your Bonus rounds. Collecting them can give you additional spins, win multipliers, and extra scatter drops.

🏅5. Osiris Gold: Hold N Link

Osiris Gold: Hold N Link

If you liked Luxor Relics, you’ll probably remember that Pyramids are an important symbol in Hold N Link games. In Osiris Gold, however, they are scatter symbols, and collecting at least five of them will trigger the Bonus feature.

Unlike the previous four games, Osiris Gold is a 243-betway game. Connecting the best-paying symbols is not the only way to score big in this slot. If you’re lucky, you’ll collect the pyramids and initiate the Hold N Link round.

When that happens, a variety of new symbols will start appearing on the reels, including bonus symbols, multipliers, and more.

Highest Paying Online Slots on Funrize Casino

🎰Slot Name💯RTP🔢Paylines📈Volatility💰Max Win⭐Special Features
Cash Kingdom96.51%30Low1,110xFree spins, wilds, scatters, jackpot
Savanna Squad96.63%25Lowx1,500Scatters, wilds, stacks of high symbols
Diamond Shot Blitz96.7%120Low2,000xFree spins, multipliers, scatters, bonus rounds, expanding table
Volcano Fruits96.84%50High39,372xWilds, scatters, multipliers
Book of Nile: Revenge96.51%10High6,327xRe-respins, wilds, scatters, multipliers

Few aspects matter as much as RTP in slot machines, and Funrize has several games with above average long-term payouts. Here are the five best slot games to play:

🥇Cash Kingdom (96.51% RTP)

Cash Kingdom

Ultra-low volatility, high RTP, and the ability to collect Wild symbols are just some of the reasons why Cash Kingdom is among the best-paying Funrize Casino slot games.

What makes this game different from nearly all other slots is that Wild is its top-paying symbol. Not only will it help you connect winning combinations, but it will also sometimes feature a multiplier to further enhance netted coins.

As you collect Wilds, you will fill up the four Bonus Game meters. When full, the Bonus round begins, complete with all the Wild symbols you’ve gathered so far. Even though its max win potential is about 1,110x, you are more than likely to line up huge wins every other spin.

🥈Savanna Squad (96.63% RTP)

Savanna Squad

Being able to consistently connect winning combinations that give more than what you’ve wagered is the golden recipe for success at Funrize Casino. Even though Savanna Squad’s max win potential is merely 1,500x, its remarkably low volatility makes steady wins almost predictable.

Its main “special” feature is the scatter symbol. In most games, landing 3-4 of these will give you about half a dozen respins, but in Savanna Squad, 4 scatters give 10 free spins, and you can see up to nine of them throughout your playthrough.

Moreover, stacks of high-paying symbols will occasionally appear on the first reel, it will remain locked in place and trigger another respin.

🥉Diamond Shot Blitz (96.7% RTP)

Diamond Shot Blitz

Diamond Shot Blitz is a fast-paced high-RTP slot that features an expanding table & upgradeable Bonus rounds, and not many Funrize Casino games can boast such a feat. When you launch this game, it may appear as a simple fruit-type penny slot, but the more you play, the better the rewards will be.

The Blitz symbol increases the level of the Bonus Round, which is activated by scatter symbols, granting up to 2,000x of your total bet. Another extremely important symbol to keep an eye open for is the Diamond Shot. It will randomly appear through the base game; collect 12 or more, and you will once again receive a reward as high as 2,000x of your wager.

When the Bonus Game begins, additional rows and columns will appear on the sides of the table, making room for extra bonus symbols and potentially increasing your chances of landing even better-paying combinations.

🎖️Volcano Fruits (96.84% RTP)

Volcano Fruits

Funrize Casino offers a range of modern slot games. Even though Volcano Fruits is simpler and more “traditional” gameplay and aesthetic-wise, its max win potential of a whopping 39,372x is more than reason enough to give it a shot.

Unlike the Cash Kingdom or Savanna Squad, this slot is characterized by high volatility. You may turn several empty hands or even a dozen, but a single Bonus Round will cover all your losses in a flash. Free spins feature multipliers (up to 10x), and unlike old-school fruit games, you’ll encounter more than a few Wilds in Volcano Fruits.

🏅Book of Nile: Revenge (96.51% RTP)

Book of Nile: Revenge

Book of Nile: Revenge is the third installment in the series, introducing a unique feature to this beloved Funrize Casino slot – the “Revenge” bonus. This bonus is what we’d describe as “re-respin”; once 3 scatters are collected and the Bonus Round begins, if you happen to spin an empty hand, the game will compensate you with an additional respin.

Compared to Book of Nile: Hold N Link, this slot features identical symbols and the same paytable, so if you already played the former, you’ll certainly be familiar with its betting lines. Once again, the “Book” symbol acts as both Wild and Scatter. It may hide additional free spins or multipliers, but the former will only work if 3 or more appear on active reels.

How to Play Funrize Slots

Any US resident who lives in a country supported by Funrize Casino can make a free account, play slots, and redeem their winnings for cash rewards. The only requirements are that you’re at least 18 years old and that you live and have a valid ID registered in any US state except Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Funrize has a fairly complex sweepstake system, which is different but still fairly similar to other US-based online social casinos like Stake.us or Chumba Casino. To help you understand how to get sweeps and redeem them for prizes, we’ll dive deeper into these topics in the following sections.

10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash

Funrize Sweeps & Currencies

At this casino, there are two available gameplay modes –  the Tournament Mode and the Promotional Mode. Each mode uses different sweeps; Tournament Coins (TC) are used for Funrize Tournaments, and Promotional Entries (PE) are used in the Promotional Mode.

Many new players get confused since “tournaments” are almost synonymous with prizes, but at Funrize, Tournament Coins hold no monetary value.

You can’t exchange, trade, or transfer them for real money prizes. You can purchase TCs to play slot games and other casino games, but this will also unlock the Promotional Mode and the opportunity to earn and redeem cash.

The Promotional Mode uses Promotional Coin sweeps. Free promotional entries can be obtained, aside from buying Tournament Coins, in two ways:

  • By playing in the Tournament Mode (purchasing)
  • Via mail-in

125,000 Free Tournament Coins (TRN) on Registration

The simplest way to get promotional entries is to purchase Tournament Coins; for each dollar you spend, you’ll get 100 promotional coins. Funrize currently offers six packages of tournament coins:

  • 50,000 TC for $4.99 (400 promotional entries)
  • 100,000 TC for $9.99 (900 promotional entries)
  • 200,000 TC for $19.99 (1900 promotional entries)
  • 500,000 TC for $49.99 (4900 promotional entries)
  • 1,000,000 TC for $99.99 (9900 promotional entries)
  • 2,000,000 TC for $199.99 (19900 promotional entries)

Funrize Cash Prizes

Funrize describes Tournament games as “no-prize entertainment video games”. You’ll have to get your hands on Promotional Coins for a shot at real money prizes, which can only be used in Promotional titles.

When you use Promotional Coins and win, you’ll receive what the Funrize casino describes as “winnings”. Each “winning” equates to one US cent.

There are several rules about redeeming cash prizes at Funrize that are quite easy to memorize:

  • You must have at least 25.00 winnings in your account before you can redeem any sweeps for real money prizes
  • The rollover requirement of 1x must be met (e.g. you must play through your winnings once before you can redeem them)
  • When betting promotional free entries (for example, from the Funrize Wheel or the mail-in bonus), the maximum amount of cash you can redeem this way is set to $25.00; the limit is $50.00 for promotional free entries from the referral bonus
  • Before redeeming any winnings, the player must provide and verify payment-related info (credit/debit card that matches the name in the player’s user account)
  • Winnings can also be redeemed for Tournament Coins

Tips When Playing Slots to Play on Funrize

Funrize Casino offers a modest selection of slot games, so a bit of strategy is required to make the most out of your Tournament Coins and Promotion Coins:

  • Consider building up your balance with high RTP games.
  • Be patient with jackpot-eligible games. The grand prize is not everything they have to offer.
  • When playing games with more than one bonus feature, always use all the bet lines to maximize your profits.
  • Understand how volatility works. Low-volatility games pay often but in small amounts; high-volatility games don’t pay as frequently, but they pay much. Adjust your wagers accordingly when playing games with different volatility ratings.

Highest RTP Slots on Funrize

🎰Highest RTP Slots
Volcano Fruits96.84%
Diamond Shot Blitz96.7%
Savanna Squad96.63%

“RTP” means “return-to-player” and is sometimes called the “house edge”. It helps us set our expectations about how much “return” we can expect after investing a set amount of money, coins, or credits in any given slot game.

For example, a wager of $10 played ten times equates to $100. If we bet those $100 on Volcano Fruits, we could expect to win around $96,84 back; $96,7 for Diamond Shot Blitz, and $96.63 for Savanna Squad.

Funrize Jackpot Slots

Jackpot-eligible slot games at Funrize Casino are linked, and any player that meets the wagering requirements has a chance to win one of the four monthly jackpots – Red, Silver, Gold, or Diamond.

Before describing the specifics of each jackpot, let us briefly cover the requirements that must be passed to participate in the distribution:

  • Players must deposit at least 30 Promotional Coins in a single game to become eligible for the distribution of any of the four jackpots (e.g. switching to a different game resets the counter; returning to the first game starts from 0).
  • The player must remain active (continue playing) until the distribution trigger is reached.
  • The rollover requirement for all winnings is 1x, meaning that you’ll have to play through the won amount at least once before being able to redeem it for real money.

A text will appear on your screen if you won the jackpot of the game you played. Each slot game has its own mini-game.

For example, in Book of Nile: Hold N Link, you will get a 4×5 table with hidden fields; tap on the fields to reveal jackpot emblems. As soon as you collect three of the same type, you will receive your jackpot prize.

Funrize Slot Jackpot

Knowing is half the battle; there are a few tactics that can help you increase your odds of scoring the jackpot:

  • The distribution triggers for the red, silver, gold, and diamond jackpots are 1,000, 5,000, 50,000, and 100,000 winnings respectively. You can check how frequently each jackpot was won during this month on Funrize’s main page.
  • You will only be able to enter the race when you deposit 30 Promotional Coins. If you’re purposefully chasing the jackpot, try to reach that number as fast as you can.

Finally, there is one big limitation when it comes to winnings, which may dissuade you from wasting your Promotional Entries:

  • If you are a resident of Florida or New York, the cash prizes you can redeem are limited by law to $5,000 per round. This means that you’ll have to forfeit a good chunk of the Gold or Diamond jackpot if you win (at the time of writing, Gold was $10,200 and Diamond was $33,800).

Funrize Slots Software Studios

Nearly all slot games available in Funrize Casino are sourced from NetGame, a Kyiv-based company founded in 2009; they branched out into the iGaming industry in 2012 and currently boast a proven track record spanning over a decade.

Like dozens of software providers, NetGame is licensed in Curacao but sadly, isn’t licensed in the United States. Even so, they’re quite transparent about their games and sweepstakes casinos like Funrize are allowed to legally source them to US players; unlike real money casinos.

Would We Play Slots at Funrize Casino?

Absolutely. Creating a free account at Funrize Casino is a breeze, and there are several ways to get free coins to start playing. Some of the main benefits of playing at this casino include:

  • Multiple ways to obtain free tournament coins and promotional entries
  • Playing in Tournament Mode gives promotional sweeps
  • Mail-in and no-deposit welcome bonus are enough to get you started
  • Dozens of slots in this casino have above-average RTP

Even though its sweeps may be a bit confusing and its selection of slots is nothing to write home about, Funrize Casino has quite a few decent games and opportunities to redeem its currencies for real cash prizes.

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