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Written by:
Jon Ridehalgh
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Michael Fatouros
May 13, 2024

Global Poker works as an online sweepstakes casino that offers new players a $20 gold coin package when you sign up for Global Poker and verify your account. The owner is VGW Holdings, which makes Global Poker sister casinos to Chumba Casino, a separate online sweep cash casino.

  • Available in 49 states
  • Win cash or cash prizes with sweeps coins
  • Several different online poker options
  • Sweeps cash expires after 90 days of inactivity
  • PayPal is not accepted
  • No customer support call center

After signing up for a Global Poker account, you have access to online poker games, such as Texas Hold’em ring games, Omaha, Caribbean Poker, bounty poker, online sweepstakes slots, and crazy pineapple by using your free gold coins or sweepstakes coins given to you. While it is easy to play for free by using the coins given to you and winning free sweeps coins tournaments, you can also get more to use by purchasing gold coins.

There are both pros and cons to the Global Poker website that will be explained in detail throughout this review, but for now, above is a table that shows a brief description.

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How does Global Poker Work?

Global Poker Homepage

Global Poker is a legal online poker site available in 49 US states (unavailable in the state of Washington) and Canada and is known as a social casino. These online casinos offer free games with the potential to earn cash prizes or gift cards to select retailers and brands. Users can play free games with gold coins given to users by Global Poker during sign-up, while players can compete to win these cash prizes by winning sweeps coins. It is also possible to obtain sweeps coins for free in numerous ways!

Global Poker is an online sweepstakes casino that is different from many other online casinos because it is what is known as a social casino. Social sweepstakes casinos are different from online casinos because they don’t allow users to bet and win cash. Instead, users are able to make Global Poker deposits (through debit card, bank transfer, or Skrill) to receive gold coins and sweepstakes coins that are used to bet and win to eventually be redeemed for awesome sweepstakes prizes, like real money! Gold coins are used to win more gold coins or sweeps coins while sweeps coins are used to win more sweeps coins which can be redeemed for real money in the form of gift cards.

The above system differentiates free poker sites, like Global Poker Casino, from real money casinos, which is why it is legal across the states, unlike actual online casinos.

Global Poker Bonus for New Players

If you want to play online poker, this is the site for you. Global Poker offers competitive sign-up bonuses compared to other online poker sites and casinos, allowing players to receive $20 gold coins after verifying their account through email or a verified account purchase bonus. A verified account purchase bonus is given to any player who makes a first-time purchase of sweeps coins. Global Poker currently offers a $40 deal that includes 200,000 gold coins, and 40 bonus sweeps coins when you purchase gold coins for $20.

Global Poker Casino Bonus Code

While there isn’t a need for a specific Global Poker bonus code, there is a need for online poker players to click the correct link during sign-up to maximize their bonuses! Click here for our link that will get you $20 in gold coins after you verify your account, as well as a verified account purchase bonus!

Global Poker Bonus Code

How to Get Global Poker Free Sweeps Coins?

Global Poker players can obtain sweeps coins in several different ways such as:

  • Global Poker login bonus! Login every day for a free login bonus
  • When purchasing gold coins
  • Winning games and poker tournaments
  • Write Global Poker a letter!

Registering a New Global Player Account

Creating a new account for the Global Poker platform is quick, simple, and legal in 49 states! To sign up, you can use your Google or Facebook account or an email address with a password consisting of at least three of the four requirements. The four password requirements are a lower- and upper-case letter, a number, and a special character (+*@.!).

After this, you will need to verify your account by clicking on the link in the email sent to you. Lastly, when you click the link, you will be redirected to a page where you can create a screen name, choose your country and state, confirm you’re over 18 years of age, and then accept the terms and conditions of the Global Poker software.

When you’re finished creating your new Global Poker login, you will be prompted to purchase gold coins, but be sure to finish verifying your account before doing so for the first time to maximize your bonus! To do so, exit out of the screen and click on verify your account. After this, you will need to verify your identity with your government ID and a selfie.

Global Poker Create Account

Online Games at Global Poker

Global Poker legit offers some of the best online poker games and tournaments in the business model of sweepstakes casinos in several different forms through their other available games. It’s one of the only poker sites that offer multi-table tournaments, no limit hold’em, money games, daily free sweeps coins, sweeps coins tournaments, and a ring game all in the same place. The different games offered by Global Poker are:

  • No limit Texas Hold’em
  • No Limit Omaha (and Omaha high/low)
  • Crazy Pineapple
  • Blackjack
  • Online Slots

Global Poker offers the first four games listed above in five different options that I will go into deeper detail about below. These options vary by real money games or ones played for gold coins, tournaments, casual table games, and jackpot games.

Since Global Poker is different from most poker sites by being a sweepstakes casino, tournaments and jackpot games worth a lot of gold coins are used to promote playing for free to earn free sweeps coins to turn in for free sweeps coins prizes. The Malta Gaming Authority has reviewed and approved licenses to the Global Poker software to support Global Poker as a regulated online poker site. This means that you should not worry about getting scammed or losing your money unfairly.

Global Poker Lobby

Ring  Games

The Global Poker Casino offers ring games as an option for their online poker that make them into a social poker room. Here you can choose the room of your choice in the city of your choice! No longer will you have to play with people from just anywhere, enjoy multiple tables from your local area, and maybe meet some new friends!

If you choose to play ring games you can select from Pot-Limit Omaha, No-Limit Texas Hold’em, and Fixed-Limit Texas Hold’em where you can bet with either gold coins or sweeps coins. These table blinds range from 0.05/0.1 (small/big) all the way up to 10/20 sweeps coins per hand or 5/10 all the way up to 250k/500k per hand if you’re betting with gold coins. Pot averages can go anywhere from 2 to 200 sweeps coins and 2,000 to 20,000,000 gold coins!


Global Poker operates Sit’N’Go tables which are perfect for recreational poker players looking to win gold coins or bonus sweepstakes prizes at any given time. Similar to Ring Games, the Sit’N’Go option offers No-Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha, but not Fixed-Limit Texas Hold’em. Unlike Ring Games, however, Sit’N’Go requires a buy-in rather than a blind which can range from 0.1 sweeps coins to over 200 for entry (or 10 to 1,000,000 gold coins). You are able to play up to three tables at once and can compete with up to nine people during every poker round.


The free Global Poker site provides access to tons of different multi-table tournaments (up to three tables) that offer a guaranteed prize pool as well as options to play with gold coins or sweep coins! There are tournaments for Fixed-Limit Texas Hold’em, No-Limit Texas Hold’em, and Pot-Limit Omaha with reasonably sized prize pools – nothing big unless you’re betting big.

Similar to Sit’N’Go’s, online poker tournaments at Global Poker require a buy-in that can range from 0.1 to 200+ sweeps coins or 10 to 1,000,000 gold coins. However, the typical buy-in is between 10-50 sweeps coins or 1,000-15,000 gold coins. Just like traditional poker sites, Global Poker sells itself as a place where you can become an online poker champion, which you literally can be.

Jackpot Sit’N’Go

A Jackpot Sit’N’Go is not unique to Global Poker; however, it is an enjoyable twist on your traditional Sit’N’Go online table games. You play with up to three tables simultaneously. At the same time, a bonus modifier is randomized at the beginning of every round for a guaranteed prize pool, giving the potential of incredible cash prizes and bonus sweepstakes prizes! Winners get the chance to earn up to three-quarters of the prize pool, so those significant modifiers add up!


Surge games are daily games available on Global Poker that allow poker fans to play any ring game during prime online poker hours on multiple tables. You immediately join the following table that’s ready to play whenever you finish one hand. Surge games allow you to win either sweeps coins or gold coins! Remember that surge games are only available from 6pm-2am eastern time. This option isn’t available on too many other poker sites and sets Global Poker apart from its competitors.

Online Slots and Other Table Games

As an online sweepstakes casino, Global Poker offers several different online sweepstakes slots options and online blackjack (also available for free)! Users may access these games by clicking the slots banner on the right side of the home page. From this page you’ll be able to access 13 slots in total and 3 other table games. Some of the slots available are HyperNova and Sea Raiders, while they offer BlackJack and Caribbean Poker table games. All of these online slots and the available casino games can be played for sweeps coins or gold coins.

Mobile Poker and Global Poker App Download

While there is not a Global Poker app, the website is beautifully optimized for mobile devices through any mobile web browser. After your Global Poker login, you will be prompted to a more compact home screen almost identical to the website. Loading times are similar to the website, and it’s effortless to play!

The lack of an app is not an issue because the Global Poker mobile site works the same as the website from a computer and there’s no need to download anything. While you can access the site from either a vertical or horizontal gameplay experience, many players find it easier to hold their phone horizontally for a wider view of the menus and tables.

Global Poker Purchase Methods

The sweepstake poker casino offers several different ways to purchase gold coins and to receive bonus sweeps coins to your account. The three main payment methods to buy gold coins are:

  • Credit or Debit Card (via WorldPay)
  • Bank Transfer
  • e-Wallets (such as Skrill or SticPay)

Global Poker allows you to purchase a gold coin package ranging from $2 – $500 that gives you anywhere from 10,000 gold coins and no bonus sweeps coins to 2,600,000 gold coins, and 515 bonus sweeps coins. However, for a standard $10 deposit, you’d receive 50,000 gold coins, and seven compensation sweeps coins.

Be sure to remember that gold coins cannot be redeemed for cash prizes, so the money you are depositing will not be equal to what you will be able to save from your account. The gold coins will first need to be used in casino games or multi-table tournaments to win sweeps coins as you play at Global Poker, before being redeemed for cash prizes.

Redeeming Global Poker Free Coins

Global Poker Gold Coins Packages

After you verify your account through your email when signing up for a Global Poker login, you will need to verify your bank account information before your sweeps coins can be redeemed for cash prizes. This is securely done through WorldPay and your bank’s online login interface. The process can take up to a day or two, while the redemptions typically take five business days to complete. The minimum limit to make a withdrawal is 10 sweeps coins for gift cards (the quickest option) or 50 sweeps coins for a cash deposit to your bank account or Skrill wallet.

Support Channels for Global Poker Players

If you’re stuck and in need of help, don’t worry; Global Poker has support channels for you to discuss your problems with their customer support team. Generally, the customer support link will be shown prominently on the screen in almost any situation you need it; however, I’ve added a link to it here, or try the Global Poker Help Center here.

Global Poker does not offer a customer support call line; however, the representatives generally get back to you within 48 hours after you have sent your inquiry. You can also set your gambling limits by reaching out to the Global Poker customer support. It is also possible to disable your account for a certain amount of time by going to the responsible gameplay option in the menu. Both actions are available for your protection if you feel that you are spending more money and time playing poker than you should.

Other Casino Sites like Global Poker

In my personal opinion, Global Poker offers the best online poker games and slots out of any social poker room or sweeps cash casino on the internet. Despite the several other sweeps coin casinos in the USA, there is only one that offers multiple rooms of online sweeps coin poker. While these options don’t have the social casino games options that Global Poker does, you could also consider playing on the following sweepstake casinos:

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is another online sweeps cash casino operated by VGW Holdings and can be found on social media. It offers around 35 free-to-play games that are primarily slots. However, this Global Poker sister casino offers blackjack and an online poker room (video poker) that shows only the game Jacks or Better. This site has very similar free sweeps coin offers and sweeps coins prizes to Global Poker, which makes it a solid option for players more into free slots than poker!

River Sweeps Platinum Casino

Another social casino that pays real money and offers several different online slots and online roulette; however, it does not have any online poker options. River Sweeps Platinum Casino has sweep coin options available for their slots and plenty of free sweeps coins. There is a larger variety of free slots at RSweeps but the site lacks the prestige and safety that comes with VGW powered sweepstakes, like Global Poker Casino.

Luckyland Slots

As the name suggests, Luckyland slots is a social casino that offers online sweepstakes slots and sweepstakes games online for money. Luckyland Slots does offer a great selection of free

sweepstakes and offers a sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus when you create an account. It is a great alternative if you run out of gold coins at Global Poker and you fancy a free spin or two.

Global Poker Summary

Global Poker is a top-rated sweeps poker site with tons of games for anyone looking to have some extra fun online. The Global Poker software runs smoothly on their table games and slots while offering competitive promotional bonuses, better than many other online social casinos. They lack most in customer service, offering basic customer service options that are average. Nonetheless, the poker site is available across the US, safe to play, with several poker variants and unique games, which are missing even from real money poker sites. You are not likely to find a better free casino for poker outside Global Poker.


  • A lot of people ask is Global Poker legit because they haven’t heard about online social casinos that pay real money. The answer is yes, Global Poker software is legally licensed in 49 states by the Malta Gaming Authority!

  • Can I win real money if I win at Global Poker?

    Yes, you can. Sweeps coins can be redeemed for cash prizes or gift cards to several brands, retailers, and outlets! After completing the registration of your Global Poker account, click the buy gold coins button, then redeem sweeps coins!

  • What games are there at Global Poker?

    Global Poker does not offer cash games but sweepstakes games. This means that you can play money (in the form of sweeps coins) on the line by playing any of the following:

    • No Pot Limit Omaha (and high/low Omaha)
    • No Limit Hold'Em
    • Crazy Pineapple
  • Are there any Global Poker bonus codes?

    Global Poker bonus codes are available that offer bonus sweeps coins and gold coins at sign-up like many other casino and poker sites!

  • Are there alternatives to Global Poker?

    Of course, just like online sportsbooks, it is not hard to find another social poker room on the world wide web in just a few easy clicks! Some alternatives are:

  • Is Global Poker safe and secure?

    Yes, Global Poker is safe and secure in every way. While legal in the United States under the Malta Gaming Authority, it also uses WorldPay for money transfers, a service renowned for its security.

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