Pool Payday Promo Codes May 2024: Get Free Money No Deposit

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May 20, 2024

Pool PayDay Promo Code

With how popular pool games are, it’s no surprise that Pool Payday is one of the most popular mobile gaming apps on both the App Store and Google Play Store. After all, the game allows you to enjoy your favorite pool games for free with the additional chance to earn real cash prizes.

As part of the Skillz Games network, Pool Payday comes with several bonuses and promo codes for free money. But, you’ll need to make an initial deposit first, as well as reside in one of the legal states the platform operates in. Plus, you can only win real money by wagering real money on pool games.

In comparison, there are plenty of sweepstakes casinos that offer tons of free online casino games while also allowing you to earn real money. What’s more, platforms like WOW Vegas and Fortune Coins come with lucrative welcome bonuses with no deposit for new players. Below, you can find some of the best sweepstakes casinos you can play at, including their welcome offers for new players.

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1.5M WoW Coins + 35 Free SC
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But if you are fixed on playing pool wagering games online, you can learn more about the latest Pool Payday promo codes from this guide.

Pool Payday Promo Codes & Free Money Bonuses

If you still want to get your hands on Pool Payday games, you should take advantage of a Pool Payday promo code to earn some free bonus cash. You can find a comprehensive list of them in the table below:

🎰Pool Payday Promo Codes
🎁Welcome Bonus30 Z-Coins
💵First Deposit BonusDeposit $7 and get an additional $4
💰Referral Bonus$1 every time one of your friends signs up through your referral code
📅Daily Login Bonus400 Ticketz
⏱️Bi-Hourly Bonus5 Z-Coins when you log in every 2 hours
🏆TournamentsUp to 55,000 Z-Coins & $3,000+ for top players

About Pool Payday App & Skillz

Pool Payday

Pool Payday is a unique mobile pool game that allows you to play for free with the additional chance to earn real cash prizes. The game is owned and operated by Skillz Games, a large network of skill games that all come with the opportunity to win real money. Below, you can find some more info on the Pool Payday app:

🎰Pool Payday
🏛️OwnerSkillz Games
📱Mobile App✅Yes, iOS & Android
🎁First Deposit Bonus$4 bonus cash when you deposit $7
🎲GamesPractice Mode, Head to Head Mode, Real Time Match, Events, Brackets
💵CurrenciesReal Money, Z-Coins, Ticketz
🇺🇸 US AvailabilityAll states, but real money games are not allowed in AR, AZ, DE, CT, IN, IL, MT, ME, LA, SD, SC, TN

When you launch the Pool Payday app for the first time, you’ll be greeted by a tutorial on how the game works. It’s basically just like any other mobile pool game; you get a set of numbered balls you need to put into the holes in the table using your white cue ball. You also get three lifelines in case you make any mistakes.

But what makes Pool Payday stand out are the multipliers. Each hole comes with a specific multiplier that changes every turn to reflect the difficulty of scoring in it. Every time you score, you earn points based on the ball you scored and the hole multiplier. So, if you score the number 5 ball in a hole with an x10 multiplier, you earn 50 points.

Pool Payday Game

The game comes with two primary ways to play; there’s practice mode, where you use Z-Coins to participate, which have no monetary value. This is a great mode for beginners or players who just want to play for fun. Then there are the cash tournaments, where you pay a specific real-money entry fee and compete against other players to earn real cash prizes.

There’s also a third currency at Pool Payday called Ticketz. This currency can be earned through several promos and bonuses and can be used to redeem different prizes from the Skillz loyalty program. You can also redeem Ticketz for bonus cash, but you’ll need 20,000 of them to redeem just $1.

Is There a Promo Code for Pool Payday?

There are plenty of Pool Payday bonuses you can utilize both as a new customer and an existing player. While these bonuses aren’t the best in terms of value, you can still use them with no need for a specific Pool Payday promo code.

However, there are plenty of Pool Payday promo codes available online that give you bonus cash when you make a deposit. But some of them may have expired, so you’ll need to test them out for yourself. In any case, here are a few Pool Payday promo codes to earn bonus cash:

  • lilChach760
  • 2021cash
  • PlayMobile2021
  • APget5
  • QS5SB

Apart from Pool Payday promo codes, the platform also offers several promotions and bonuses for bonus money, Z-Coins, and Ticketz. All of them are very simple to claim, and we’ll provide you with step-by-step guides and details on how you can earn them.

Pool Payday No Deposit Free Money Bonus

Let’s start with the best bonus you can get at Pool Payday. Just like any other mobile game, Pool Payday comes with a free bonus for new players with no deposit required. However, keep in mind that the no-deposit bonus gives you only Z-Coins, which can be used to play in practice mode but otherwise have no monetary value.

If you want to earn a real money bonus, you’ll need to make an initial deposit first. This way, you’ll be able to activate the Pool Payday first deposit bonus that gives you an additional $4 of bonus cash if you make a minimum deposit of $7. Keep in mind that there’s no specific Pool Payday promo code to earn this bonus.

Pool Payday Welcome Bonus

The Pool Payday first deposit bonus allows you to earn some additional bonus cash when you make your initial deposit on the platform. And, the best part is you don’t need any particular Pool Payday promo code to earn this offer.

Just sign up for a Skillz account and make your first deposit of at least $7 using one of several deposit methods, including your credit card or Apple Pay. Then, once your deposit is complete, you’ll receive an additional $4 in bonus funds, which you can use to play cash games and tournaments for real cash prizes.

How It Works

Pool Payday App

In order to redeem the Pool Payday welcome bonus or any other promotion the platform offers, you’ll first need to download the app for your iOS or Android device. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can get the Pool Payday app and receive your welcome bonus:

  1. Head to https://games.skillz.com/games/online-pool/pool-payday-5328 and scan the QR code on your phone. Alternatively, just type “Pool Payday” on the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Download and install the Pool Payday app on your mobile device.
  3. Once you launch the app for the first time, you’ll be given a random username to start playing immediately. But if you want to take full advantage of the Skillz promos and track your game history, you’ll need a dedicated Skillz account.
  4. Sign up for Skillz by choosing a username and password and providing all necessary personal information, such as your email and full name.
  5. That’s it! Your Skillz account is ready to use on all Skillz games, including Pool Payday!
  6. Once you log in for the first time, Pool Payday will force you to play a couple of tutorial games. Then, you’ll get your no deposit Z credits to compete in freeroll tournaments. These can help you gain experience, ticketz, and other prizes.
  7. To unlock the first purchase bonus of Pool Payday, you’ll need to visit the store and purchase $7 worth of credits or more. No promo code needed – Pool Payday will instantly add your bonus.

Other Promo Codes and Bonuses at Pool Payday

Apart from its welcome bonus for new players, Pool Payday also comes with a few additional bonuses and promotions that can help you earn some free bonus money and enjoy your favorite pool games with little to no investment.

Friend Referral Promotion

Playing pool is even more fun when you do it with friends! That’s why Pool Payday gives you a bonus for referring your friends to the platform. For every new friend that signs up using your Pool Payday referral code, you’ll both earn $1 in bonus cash once they make their first deposit.

It may not seem like much, but if you give your referral code out to many people, the bonus cash can accumulate to a significant amount.

Tip: Your username is your Pool Payday referral code!

Daily Login Bonus

Just like any other mobile game platform, Pool Payday offers you a daily bonus for logging into the game. You don’t have to do any tasks or play any games to earn this bonus. Simply sign in to your account once the day rolls over to earn your bonus funds.

Unfortunately, this daily bonus only gives out 400 Ticketz, which you can’t use to play actual cash games and tournaments for real money. But you can redeem them on the Skillz website for additional prizes.

Bi-Hourly Login Bonus

In addition to the daily login bonus, Pool Payday offers a bi-hourly login bonus of 5 Z-Coins. All you have to do is log in to your account every 2 hours and earn your free Z-Coins. These coins are handy if you primarily play in practice mode, as they can cover your entry fee for the games.

Also, if you just want to sign in for a little bit every day and play a few games for free, you’ll need lots of Z-Coins, so this bonus will be very helpful for you.

Pool Payday Bonus Rules & Restrictions

Pool PayDay Bonus Rules

Pool Payday and Skillz games are primarily available for all players worldwide, including the United States. However, not all states allow you to play cash games and tournaments for real cash prizes. If you live in AR, AZ, DE, CT, IN, IL, MT, ME, LA, SD, SC, or TN, you’ll only be able to participate in free play using Z-coins.

Another thing you should keep in mind is you need to wager real money to enter tournaments for a chance to win cash prizes. The usual entry fee is $0.60, and you can earn $1 if you win. Therefore, always consider if the risk is worth it.

Finally, remember that you’ll need to play through any bonus funds at least once before you can request a withdrawal.

Tips & Cheats for Pool Payday

Here are a few tricks and hacks to earn more money playing Pool Payday:

  • Follow Skillz social media accounts – Skillz often releases limited promo codes and bonuses on its social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, which you can’t find anywhere else, so follow them if you want to stay in the know.
  • Utilize practice mode – Nobody expects you to become a pool master overnight. That’s why you should play in practice mode first until you get a grasp on the game before moving on to cash tournaments.
  • Learn from other players – You can find plenty of tips from experienced players on becoming better at the game. Look at platforms like Reddit or YouTube and find skilled players who can teach you a few tricks that will help your gameplay.

Other Skillz Gaming Promo Codes

The Skillz network is filled with exciting games for tons of fun, along with the potential to earn real money. Here are some notable promo codes you can find on Skillz games similar to Pool Payday:

  • Bingo Cash First Deposit Match: When you sign up for a new account at Bingo Cash and make your first deposit, you’ll earn a 100% match up to $10 for free. The only requirement is to complete your initial deposit within 24 hours of creating your account.
  • Block Blitz $10 Bonus: Block Blitz offers you $10 for free, so you can enjoy even more playtime on your favorite game. Just sign up for a free account and deposit at least $10 to earn $10 in bonus cash.
  • Blackout Bingo First Deposit Bonus: Blackout Bingo gives you even more free bingo games with a 100% first deposit match for a $10 deposit. Remember that the bonus is capped at $10, so you won’t earn more if you make a larger deposit.

Is It Possible to Win Real Money at Pool Payday With No Deposit?

Withdrawal Amount

It may seem unlikely for a mobile pool game to pay out real cash prizes, but Pool Payday is perfectly legitimate in this aspect. You can request to withdraw your winnings, and they will be delivered via check in your email. Keep in mind there is a processing fee for every withdrawal.

Unfortunately, though, you can’t really win real money without making a deposit, as you need to pay an entry fee to enter the cash tournaments. Plus, you’ll need to be incredibly lucky and win plenty of games in a row if you want to make a substantial profit.


All in all, Pool Payday is a great way to have some fun playing pool while also having the chance to earn real cash prizes. However, the platform lacks any substantial bonuses and large game variety and basically mandates you to wager real money to earn cash prizes. Therefore, we can’t wholeheartedly recommend you play on it because it feels more like gambling than social gaming.

Instead, there are plenty of sweepstakes casinos that allow you to play tons of online casino games for free, along with a chance to earn real money. Platforms like WOW Vegas, Stake.us, and Fortune Coins even come with large bonuses for new players with no deposit requirement, so you can start playing immediately!

Unlock 57,500 GC + 27.5 FREE SC
1.5M WoW Coins + 35 Free SC
630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus
10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash
400,000 TRN + 1,000 free Entries on Registration

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Unlock 57,500 GC + 27.5 FREE SC