Pulsz Account Locked: Troubleshooting Guide

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Michael Fatouros
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December 13, 2023

Pulsz Account Locked: Troubleshooting Guide

Getting locked out of your Pulsz account can initially be frightening and worrisome. Why has it happened? What happens to your money? Are you still going to get your cash withdrawals? How do you get back in? These are all questions that might be flying around your head. However, there can be many reasons why this may have happened, and not all of them are necessarily bad.

There are easy remedies if your Pulsz account has been locked because you’ve forgotten your login details. Even if something more sinister happens, there are usually ways to fix things. Let’s guide you through the situation with a troubleshooting guide to locked accounts at Pulsz Casino.

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Reasons Pulsz Might Lock Your Account & How to Fix It

Let’s begin by exploring some of the primary reasons why your Pulsz account may be locked. Some are much more likely to occur than others, but all have been cited as reasons by Pulsz Casino members in the past. We’ll address each one and explain the solution best suited for each. Here’s what you need to know:

Incorrect Login/Password Details

Let’s start with the simplest and most likely scenario: You have forgotten your login and password details. This is surprisingly common, especially if you have multiple casino accounts, usernames and passwords.

Hopefully, you’ve jotted them down somewhere or have used your Google, Facebook, or Apple sign-in details, which you can obtain from elsewhere. If not, don’t fret. Hit the “forgot your password” button under the login options to have an email sent to your account. This will tell you how to retrieve your username or password or set a new one. It’s quite an easy fix to a common problem.

Unverified Account

After registering as a new member at Pulsz Casino, you’re supposed to verify your account before you’ve started playing. You’ll be sent an email or SMS with a link to do this. If you still need to do so, you may not be able to sign in yet. Admittedly, this is not required at every casino, so you could be forgiven for thinking things might be different at Pulsz.

Even so, the simplest solution is to check your email or phone for a verification link. Follow it to confirm your account. If that doesn’t work, it has expired, or you can’t find it, contact customer support and ask them to send a new verification link to remedy this issue.


The Pulsz terms and conditions clarify that if you remain inactive for over sixty days, the casino reserves the right to close your account. Admittedly, Pulsz only sometimes follows through with this threat, but if it’s been a while since you’ve signed in and played a game, this could be the reason.

If you suspect that it has been a long time since you’ve played at the casino, we’d encourage you to try and sign in immediately. You don’t have to do much else – sign in. If that doesn’t work, reach out to customer support and say that you weren’t aware of those terms. Your account is likely frozen, not deleted, so they will probably quickly restore access to it.

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Multiple Accounts/Users

If you know you have multiple accounts at Pulsz Casino, it’s a fair bet that the casino knows. A trusted gambling site considers this a no-no. If you’ve allowed several friends to sign in using your account, then that’s a definite no-no.

If you have opened several accounts, the casino will likely have closed most, if not all, of them. However, it is still worth contacting customer support as you may get a warning. If you’ve invited friends to play on your account, that violates the fraud policies at Pulsz, and your accounts will be terminated indefinitely. We strongly recommend you don’t do this.

VPN Usage Detected

Not every online casino permits the use of a VPN, and Pulsz Casino isn’t a fan. While they don’t generally have heavy-duty tech to detect VPN use, they can catch you using a VPN. For instance, they may notice if you’ve signed up as a US player and are using a VPN to play from Italy.

If you are using a VPN and suspect this is why your account has been blocked, it may be worth turning it off. Try to sign in with your regular account details without them. If there’s no magic, it’s once again time to call customer support and ask them. Furthermore, you may get told not to use a VPN and be allowed back in.

Reversed Payments Noted

Online casinos don’t appreciate it when you try to reverse your deposits back to your card. Reverse payments are a no-no. If you regularly engage in this chargeback behavior, you can expect that the casino will not take it lying down.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this issue. You’re going to have to reach out to the customer support service and explain your actions. You’re not likely to have much luck, but it’s worth a shot. Again, you can avoid this outcome by not reversing your payments.

Bank Account or Casino Account Compromised

If there has been a data leak, or Pulsz suspects that your account has been compromised or that your bank account details aren’t safe, your account may temporarily be suspended. Pulsz will almost always inform you when this happens.

If you receive a notification that suspicious activity has been reported or that Pulsz suspects your account has been compromised, you will need to write an email stating that you want to fix the issue. They may require you to change your password or verify your identity to restore access to the account. Either way, it’s simple enough to fix if you follow the instructions provided to you.

New Terms and Conditions Breached

Casinos change their T&Cs regularly, and if Pulsz Casino has done that recently, you could fall foul of them. This is not a severe issue. You may have missed an email or text. If so, your account will likely be temporarily blocked. Examples may be deposit/withdrawal limits, KYC checks, abuse of promotions, games or odds, or something similar.

Pulsz Support

Again, write to Pulsz Casino’s customer support team and let them know your account is blocked. They will likely tell you which terms and conditions aren’t being adhered to, and if you claim that you honestly didn’t know you’d breached them, they will almost certainly reactivate your account.

Discourteous Online Casino Behavior

One surefire way to get your account blocked is to be discourteous to customer support. Expect a ban if you regularly hurl vitriol and venom at Pulsz Casino’s customer support team or other players. Unlike most of the other incidents listed above, this one isn’t likely to be reversible.

If you’ve been caught using the F-bomb or being discourteous to staff and community members, an apology is unlikely to restore your account. However, it’s worth speaking to support again and apologizing. You can avoid this fate by simply being polite and kind in the first place.

Are You Winning Too Much?

Lastly, this may seem wild, but winning too much can see your account frozen. An unverified account will always slow things down when it comes to KYC. It can take a while for Pulsz to process your data, and if you aren’t on the highest VIP tier, you may be trying to withdraw more winnings than you are entitled to. Examples of this can be found online, and they are usually resolved shortly.

If you suspect that your account is being blocked because you’re winning too much, it’s worth taking your case to an outside source, which can adjudicate and take up your challenge to the casino itself. Let’s explain that more in the next part.

How to Unblock Pulsz Account with Further Assistance

If you’ve followed all the solutions above and talked to customer support via multiple routes, provided all the necessary documentation and still can’t get your account unblocked, then it’s time for more drastic action.

Ordinarily, you should receive an email or notification that the online casino has blocked your account. This message will help you gauge what the issue is. If you don’t receive such a notification, something untoward may be happening.

Pulsz Dispute

Take your notification letter, along with whatever evidence you can grab and log, to one of the many independent resolution centers you can find online. Post publicly about the issue, and they will try to help you get further assistance and a resolution to your case. Examples in the past have shown that casinos such as Pulsz are eager to fix issues as soon as they receive lousy press, assuming that you aren’t entirely at fault. This makes independent resolution centers a worthwhile last resort if nothing else works.

Pulsz Casino Account Alternatives

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As you can see, Pulsz Casino may block your account for legitimate reasons, which can often be remedied. However, there are more severe issues that can pose challenges. The casino isn’t always right, and when you suspect that something else is going on, you may wish to consider alternative sites.

Fortunately, you’ll come to the right place. We’ve got plenty of top-rated online casinos for you to choose from, each of which is a viable and popular Pulsz Casino alternative. If you want more leeway regarding locked accounts at online casinos, make sure the T&Cs at these licensed sites align more with what you’re expecting by reading our reviews.

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