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Sportzino Social Sportsbook

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Written by:
Alex Windsor
Fact checked by:
Bogdan Lunkan
March 1, 2024

Sportzino Sportsbook is a sweepstakes site that offers sports predictions markets and real cash prizes in 48 US states. This sweepstakes sportsbook will launch in 2023 and is run by SCPS LLC, which also owns Zula Casino. They also have a great 1,000 sweeps coins no deposit bonus!

  • Real cash prizes
  • Legal in 48 US states
  • 12 different sports
  • Secure payment methods like Visa and Mastercard
  • No track record
  • No casino-style games
  • No mobile app
  • Limited bet types

Sportzino is coming to the US market soon, so it’s time to get ready. Sportzino is a mix of a casino and a sportsbook run based on the sweepstakes model. So, what’s in it for you? Real money wins no matter where you live in the US! 

In this article, we are going to explore how Sportzino Sportsbook works, what bonuses you can claim, and the different sports available.

Right now, you can join for an early sign up and spin the wheel to get a free welcome package. I’ve already received my Sportzino FCs, what are you waiting for?

Sportzino Bonus

What Is Sportzino Sportsbook?

Sportzino Wheel Game

While most sweepstakes sites offer casino-style games, Sportzino social sportsbook has taken a different approach and will let you wager on 12 different sports, including basketball, tennis, baseball, football, ice hockey, and soccer. Every day, you will be able to bet on hundreds of sports events from across the globe.

The website is preparing to operate in all US states except Washington and Idaho and I think it will be a great alternative to illegal offshore sportsbooks. They will offer secure payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfer, and new users get to play a free Spin The Wheel game and win up to $10 in FCs!

I already did this, and I have 500 FCs waiting for me. But I realized something else – the first time I tried, I entered my email address wrong (forgot to add a @) and I got no warning. So, I’d advise you to double-check your address so you actually receive these Sweeps Coins.

🏈SportsBasketball, tennis, baseball, football, ice hockey, soccer, MMA, cricket, motorsport
🎁No Deposit BonusUp to 1,000 sweeps coins worth $10
📱Mobile App❌ No
💳Purchase MethodsVisa, Mastercard, Discover, bank transfer
💰Redemption MethodsBank transfers, gift cards
🔞Age Restriction18 +
🇺🇸 State AvailabilityAll US states except Washington and Idaho

Is Sportzino Sportsbook Legit?

This is what I know by far – Sportzino Sportsbook is run by the same company that operates Zula Casino, and their platform is developed by Blazesoft, who runs legit sweepstakes casino Fortune Coins. However, it does not look like Blazesoft is involved in running this Zula Casino alternative.

So, I’d say that Sportzino Sportsbook appears to be legit, but the site has not launched yet, so I recommend being cautious. Why did I sign up, you ask? The provider doesn’t ask for any sensitive details when you fill out the registration form, so I don’t deem it a threat. Of course, once the operations start, I’ll make sure to give my feedback!

registration form

How Sportzino Sportsbook Works

Sportzino Game Changing

Sportzino Sportsbook has come up with an ingenious way to offer sports wagering without a license and in states where sports betting is legal. Sportzino Sports has found a loophole in sweepstakes regulations, which state that you can offer cash prizes and games of chance if you allow players to participate for free.

So, how Sportzino Sportsbook works is they use two virtual currencies: Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. Gold Coins have no monetary value, while you can redeem 100 Sweeps Coins for $1. You get Sweeps Coins for free via bonuses and when you purchase gold coins. If Sportzino Sportsbook allowed you to purchase Sweeps Coins, they would be in violation of sweepstakes laws and be considered an illegal sports betting website.

Does Sportzino Sportsbook Payout Real Money?

Sportzino Sportsbook will pay out real money as long as you are 18+ and located in any US state except Washington and Idaho. As explained above, you place sports wagers using Sweeps Coins. You can then redeem these Sweeps Coins for cash or gift cards. At Sportzino Sportsbook, 100 sweeps coins = $1.

Sportzino Sportsbook Promo Code and Offers

Sportzino Sportsbook is still tight-lipped about their bonuses. Currently, they have a no deposit bonus where you spin a wheel and can win up to 1,000 Sweeps Coins worth $10.

According to my research, these are some Sportzino offers you can expect when they are fully operational:

  • First Purchase Bonus – When you make your first purchase of GCs, you will unlock extra free SCs, just like an online sportsbook welcome bonus.
  • Daily Login Bonus – Simply sign in to your Sportzino Sportsbook account once a day and hit the claim button to receive free sweeps coins.
  • Mail-In Bonus – Send Sportzino Sportsbook a handwritten letter in a stamped envelope requesting free sweeps coins and get them credited to your account.
  • Referral Bonus – When your buddies sign up to Sportzino Sportsbook via your affiliate link or promo code, you will get free sweeps coins.

All free sweeps coins at Sportzino Sportsbook are likely to have a 1x wagering requirement, which is honestly why I’m looking forward to playing here. Not to mention the fact that there probably won’t be any betting restrictions, so you can bet on all popular sports and bet markets and chase whatever odds you like.

How to Play at Sportzino Sportsbook

Sportzino Early Access

As long as you are 18+ and reside in any US state except Washington and Idaho, you can wager on sports at Sportzino and win real cash prizes. Washington and Idaho have explicitly banned sweepstakes sites, which is why players from those states are geo-blocked. To start wagering on the biggest sports events in the US and internationally, follow the sign up process below!

Registration Process

Sportzino Register

Within just a few minutes, your Sportzino Sportsbook account will be fully set up. However, you won’t yet be allowed to start placing wagers on NFL, NBA, or UFC fights until the platform goes live. To get started, simply:

  1. Go to
  2. Tap the Be Part Of It button.
  3. Play the Spin The Wheel game to earn your no deposit bonus (the top prize is 1,000 Sweeps Coins worth $10).
  4. Enter your email, full name, address, mobile number, and date of birth.
  5. Check your mail and wait!

That is really all you need to do for now. In my experience, you’ll most likely have to verify your account, and your no deposit bonus will be automatically added to your account. You can then use your free sweeps coins to wager on all sports markets. There are no odds or bet-type restrictions.

Desktop & Mobile Play

I can’t quite tell whether Sportzino Sportsbook will work great on all devices, but I’ll share my first impressions. I like that the website has a modern theme with a blue, black, and white color scheme. It is designed just like an online sportsbook.

All of the different sports are likely to be listed on the side of the screen, and to make a wager, you will most likely need to tap on a sporting event, select your bet and prediction, enter the amount of sweeps coins you wish to wager, and confirm your wager.

For now, I can say that the desktop interface rivals any big online sportsbook, but with 12 sports, they don’t have as many markets as industry heavyweights like BetMGM.

Sportzino Sportsbook Experience

Sportzino Banner

At Sportzino Sportsbook, you will be able to wager on 12 different sports, including golf, tennis, soccer, boxing, horse racing, football, MMA, ice hockey, and basketball. They have markets for all major leagues, including the PGA, UFC, ATP, F1, NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL. In other words, there will be literally hundreds of sporting events to bet on every single day!

While Sportzino Sportsbook’s betting markets can’t compete with licensed sports betting sites like FanDuel or DraftKings, I think they have some exciting bet types, such as:

  • Moneyline – A moneyline is the simplest wager in all of sports betting, all you need to do is predict which team is going to win. For example, you might bet on the Philadelphia Eagles to put a clinic on the Dallas Cowboys. This is a great wager to start with.
  • Totals – With a total bet, you need to predict how many points or goals will be scored in a sporting contest. This wager is presented as an over/under where Sportzino Sportsbook sets the line, and you need to guess whether the result will be higher or lower. For example, the Los Angeles Lakers are taking on the Miami Heat, and the line is set at 226.5. If you take over and 227 or more points are scored, you win.
  • Spread – Once you have got the hang of moneyline wagers, you can try a spread bet. How it works is that Sportzino Sportsbook will place a handicap on a team, and you need to guess which team will win when factoring in the handicap. For example, the Buffalo Bills may be a -6.5 favorite against the New York Jets. If you bet on the Bills to win, they need to beat the Jets by 7 points or more.
  • Parlays – Parlays are where you combine two or more sports wagers into one betting slip, and your wager only pays out if all of your teams win. For example, you might wager on the Denver Nuggets to beat the Dallas Mavericks, the New York Yankees to beat the New York Mets, and the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Los Angeles Rams. The great thing about parlays is the combined odds, so you can chase some huge paydays from modest stakes. The more selections you add to your parlay, the bigger the potential payday, but also the greater the risk. We recommend adding 3 to 6 selections to your parlay.

Sportzino Sportsbook Purchases & Redemptions

If you want extra sweeps coins and the free bonuses aren’t cutting it, you can purchase a gold coins package and receive additional SC. At the click of a button, you will be able to buy gold coins via several payment methods including bank transfer, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard.

Don’t get too excited about Sportzino Sportsbook’s 1,000 sweeps coins bonus, unlike most sweepstakes sites, the exchange rate is 100 sweeps coins = $1. You will be able to redeem your Sweeps Coins for cash prizes via bank transfer and gift cards. The minimum redemption at Sportzino Sportsbook is $10.

Sportzino Sportsbook Help & Support

Sportzino Support

Sportzino Sportsbook does not seem to offer customer support via live chat, which is disappointing. Live chat is very convenient and ensures issues get quickly solved. For me, it’s super frustrating to spend days or even weeks going back and forth over email with customer support. But at least Sportzino Sportsbook does have a contact form, and they claim to respond within 24 hours.

Expert Sportzino Tips

Do you need a bit of help building your sweeps coins bankroll? Use these tips to get the most out of Sportzino Sportsbook:

  • Stick to sports you avidly follow – If you are a big college football guy, why would you suddenly bet on women’s tennis? When it comes to sports prediction, your edge is your information, so if you know everything about Alabama football, then use that knowledge to determine when they are going to win.
  • Don’t bet your whole bankroll on a single game – Even though it is tempting to wager big, especially when you see that potential win figure, you need to stay cool, calm, and collected. That means not risking more than 2% of your bankroll on a single wager. For example, if your bankroll is 100 sweeps coins, only risk up to 2 sweeps coins on a game.
  • Specialize in a particular wager type – It’s unlikely you are going to be equally adept at picking moneyline, totals, and spread winners. I recommend focusing on a specific market and really diving in deep and understanding the underlying factors that determine a team’s performance.
  • Claim all of Sportzino’s bonuses – Sportzino gives you tons of ways to rack up free sweeps coins, including via their no deposit offer, first purchase bonus, daily login bonus, mail-in bonus, and referral program. If you just claim their daily login bonus every day, you will earn $365 per year!
  • Statistics are your friend – If you think you can bet with your heart and outsmart Sportzino, then you have another thing coming. Use simple stats like head-to-head records, average points conceded and scored, and home/away records to improve your betting decisions.

Sportzino Social Sportsbook Alternatives

As the site hasn’t launched yet, I took the liberty to share my favorite sweepstake sites that are currently online for US players. These suggestions will do you good if you’d rather not sign up with an unverified new site, too.

5,000 Fliff Coins + 1.00 Fliff Cash
10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash
125,000 Free Tournament Coins (TRN) on Registration
2 SCs FREE +25 SCs extra free on first purchase
100,000 Gold Coins & 1,000 Super Coins

Our Final Verdict

Sweepstakes model social sportsbooks are pretty rare, so it’s great to see a new entry in the market. I can say that Sportzino Sportsbook has great potential. Their platform is designed by respected iGaming provider Blazesoft, they have markets for 12 sports, including NFL, NBA, and MLB. They also plan to offer cash prizes in 48 US states.

However, there is one catch: this sweepstakes social sportsbook hasn’t been launched yet, so I just don’t know how safe the site is. I’m holding off recommending Sportzino Sportsbook until they prove they offer real odds, bonuses, and honor redemptions.

If you are looking for legit sweepstakes sportsbooks, then Fliff gets our seal of approval. At Fliff, you can wager on all NFL and NBA games + MMA, tennis, college football, soccer, and more! They always have fantastic odds and extensive betting markets, including totals, moneyline, and spread. Register and use the promo code: SWEEPSCASH to get a $1 no deposit bonus + $200 when you spend $99.99!

Alex Windsor

Enthusiast of the online gaming world, I have a particular fondness for sweepstakes casinos. With a passion for slots, table games, and the unique mechanics of the sweepstakes model, I’m always eager to explore and share insights on the latest in digital casino trends. Las Vegas might be the traditional hub, but the virtual realm is where my heart truly lies.

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