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Lucky 777 Sweepstakes

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Written by:
Alex Windsor
Fact checked by:
Jon Ridehalgh
December 14, 2023

Hey there! I have decided to take a closer look at Lucky 777 Sweepstakes. Let me tell you right away, it has been quite a ride… I am not just talking about a quick glance here. No, I am going all in to really figure out what is going on in this place. I am going to break it all down for you, piece by piece, showing you all the red flags that popped up along the way.

  • Games by various sweeps vendors
  • Unresponsive support
  • Unclear modes of operation
  • 100% dodgy

You read it right: everything about Lucky 777 Sweepstakes just seems off. Trust me when I say that there is some seriously shady stuff going on here. So, let me talk about the oddities, mysteries, and absurdities of Lucky 777 Sweepstakes. It is going to be an interesting journey, and I am pretty sure that you will think twice about visiting this so-called casino after you hear what I have found out…

Lucky 777 Sweepstakes Casino Pros and Cons


  • The games offered by the three platforms operated by the site (Golden Dragon, Fortune2Go, and Magic City) are quite varied, especially in terms of slots and fishing games.


  • The customer service did not respond to any of my inquiries, leaving no doubt about their lack of responsiveness;
  • The design is outdated, belonging to a bygone era, and unworthy of a modern sweepstakes platform;
  • The only substantial information on the site revolves around payment methods, casting doubt on the true intentions of the owners;
  • The platform lacks any gaming license or official accreditation;
  • The site’s terms and conditions are very fragmented and do not address the basic questions that players might have;
  • There is no mention of a responsible social gameplay program or tools to combat problem gambling;
  • The site’s social media channels are not up-to-date, and some are no longer active;
  • Apart from promotions on payment methods, the site makes no mention of seasonal and permanent bonuses or the potential existence of a VIP club;
  • The account creation process is incredibly lengthy and highly intrusive in terms of sensitive data;
  • The prize redemption process is equally intrusive and can only be done at specific times of the week;
  • You must make a purchase to start playing: free-play is not available;
  • The entire site exudes a constant and oppressive feeling of insecurity and scam.

Bonus Codes and Promotions

It is impossible to get any useful information about the promotional offers (be it seasonal or permanent) of Lucky 777 Sweepstakes. Even if you scour the site thoroughly, you will find nothing substantial.

There is also not a single trace of a promotional code to enter anywhere to take advantage of an exclusive offer, which leads me to assume that Lucky 777 bonus codes simply do not exist.

Visiting the operator’s Instagram account reveals that, apart from daily payouts, you can get a $5 bonus for each person you refer. Their Facebook account does not offer any more details, especially since nothing has been posted there for over 2 years. As for their TikTok account, it is even worse since it seems to have been deactivated for some unknown reason.

In short, the only clues about bonuses available at Lucky 777 Sweepstakes are those you get by crediting your account, namely:

  1. $20 for each $100 deposit (deposit $100 and play with $120) made via credit or debit card through the “Credit/Debit Card Special” promotion from Monday to Friday between 10 AM and 5 PM;
  2. $5 for each $20 deposit (deposit $20 and play with $25), $20 for each $50 deposit (deposit $50 and play with $70), and $40 for each $100 deposit (deposit $100 and play with $140) made via Revolut (for Golden Dragon ONLY) through the “Revolut Special” promotion from Monday to Friday between 10 AM and 5 PM;
  3. $5 for each $20 deposit (deposit $20 and play with $25), $10 for each $40 deposit (deposit $40 and play with $50), and $30 for each $100 deposit (deposit $100 and play with $130) made via CashApp through the “Weekend Special” promotion from Friday 7 PM to Monday 10 AM.

Lucky 777 Deposit Bonus

On its homepage, the operator claims to send you the complete list of available promotions once you provide your email address. Despite having gone through the tedious account registration process and sent them an explicit request, I received nothing on this matter. Just more empty promises, I guess…

How to Register

First of all, please be advised that you DO NOT actually register with Lucky 777 Sweepstakes. If you click on the “Sign-up” tab to initiate the account registration process, you will be redirected to a page that immediately asks you to submit a front and back copy of your ID to the following email address:

Subsequently, you are asked to choose the platform you wish to register on: Golden Dragon, Fortune2Go, or Magic City. Yes, you read that correctly… You have absolutely no idea what you are getting into as no useful information is available about these three platforms. You are in the dark about what they offer, whether it is the welcome offer or the game library available.

If you boldly click on one of the three “Sign-up” buttons, you will be redirected to a Google Doc (so much for professionalism…) where you are required to provide most of your personal data (email address, full name, phone number, date of birth, Social Security Number [SSN], driver’s license number, full address, and CashApp name). Since all fields are mandatory, we hope, from an administrative standpoint, that you are in order…

You will receive your login credentials TWO DAYS after having properly filled out your registration form (much like you would fill out a tax return). Registrations are accepted from Monday to Friday between 4 PM and 6 PM (EST). Moreover, it is not possible to register during the weekend (a period when online players are typically most active).

Lucky 777 Sweepstakes Games

The first thing that strikes you when browsing the Lucky 777 Sweepstakes website is the feeling of being transported back in time, let us say to the late 1990s, when web design was still in its infancy.

Everything looks outdated, old-fashioned, and counterintuitive. The only redeeming feature of Lucky 777 Sweepstakes, to some extent, is the game library offered by the three platforms you can access (Fortune2Go, Golden Dragon, and Magic City).

To be fair, these three platforms offer a wide range of games from reputable software providers, including progressive jackpot slots and fishing games. However, even this positive aspect is undermined by a major drawback: you must make a purchase to continue playing.

The absence of free-play goes completely against the principles of sweepstakes. Although the diversity of themes and the graphical quality of the games could have been the ONLY strengths of the site, it feels like they are just a facade to mask the dubious intentions of the owners.

Indeed, it is unacceptable for an operator that claims to be a sweepstakes casino to require a purchase for gameplay access, tarnishing the reputation of this so-called casino even more than is warranted.

Is there a Lucky 777 app?

There is not a downloadable Lucky 777 Sweepstakes app on the Apple Store or Google Play. The platform can be directly accessed from your mobile device, regardless of the operating system you use. The operator provides no specific information on the user-friendliness of the mobile interface or the existence of special features unique to the mobile version. But this lack of information is actually unsurprising…

Payment methods

At Lucky 777 Sweepstakes, you have the option to make your transactions using a debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).

If you make a payment of at least $100 between Friday 7 PM and Monday 10 AM, you can avail of a $20 bonus as part of the “Credit/Debit Card Special” promotion. The operator advises you to conduct your card transactions via computer or tablet, rather than through your smartphone.

If you intend to register with Golden Dragon, you can also make payments via the Revolut payment method to @KennetBNH3 and even get a bonus of $5 for a $20 deposit, $20 for a $50 deposit, and $40 for a $100 deposit from Monday to Friday between 10 AM and 3 PM.

Between Friday 7 PM and Monday 10 AM, you can also pay via CashApp to $GrandsL8M and enjoy a bonus of $5 for a $20 deposit, $10 for a $50 deposit, and $30 for a $100 deposit.

Payments via CashApp and Revolut are apparently not possible for Fortune2Go and Magic City.

You can make a minimum payment of $1. IF all goes well, the funds will be credited to your account within 20 minutes. If this time passes, you are required to contact customer service at 984-200-9942.

Redeeming prizes

I do think you will find the redemption part bordering on the utterly absurd. First off, know that you cannot submit your redemption request whenever you please. It is like a doctor’s appointment; you have to adhere to specific consultation hours.

Indeed, redemption requests can only be processed from Tuesday to Friday, between 11 AM and 2 PM (Eastern Standard Time), not before or after, and especially not on weekends. Under any circumstances, the platform does not consider refunds (even in case of server issues).

Lucky 777 Redeem Hours

If you respect the redemption timings, Lucky 777 Sweepstakes commits to transferring your funds the same day. By clicking on the “Redeem” tab, you will be redirected to a Google Doc (once again) that you must fill out to make your request.

The operator asks for an excessive amount of information (far more than its main competitors) for a fairly ordinary request, further fueling suspicion about the true intentions of Lucky 777 Sweepstakes. Indeed, the required information includes the following:

  • Full name;
  • Phone number;
  • Email address;
  • Postal address;
  • City;
  • State;
  • ZIP code;
  • Amount to redeem;
  • Date;
  • Social Security number (SSN);
  • Driver’s license number;
  • Platform chosen (Dragon, Fortune, or Magic);
  • Mobile ID;
  • PEX;
  • AAM;
  • CashApp name.

Oh yeah… Moreover, if you are not familiar with the abbreviations used on Lucky 777 Sweepstakes, it is likely that the redemption process will discourage you even before you initiate it. Just as an example, what exactly does PEX stand for? Cross-linked polyethylene? Parasitic exposure? PHIGS extension to X? Jokes aside, demanding more clarity from Lucky 777 would not be too much to ask.

On the homepage, you are even advised to call 984-200-9942 after completing the redemption form. I must admit that I have never seen such a complicated and convoluted protocol in my whole life.

Note also that you can only submit one redemption request per day. The cap is $500 via CashApp, Apple Pay, or Venmo. Any request exceeding $1,500 will be processed via cashier’s check, hence the need to have a bank account.

Customer Support

In the event of an issue, which is highly likely to occur, the operator offers the possibility to contact their customer service via telephone at the following number: 984-200-9942. In the terms and conditions, I also found an email address:

I sent a rather mundane request asking for more information about the promotional offers available at Lucky 777 Sweepstakes, but, as I suspected, I did not receive any response. In short, it is better for you not to rely on the responsiveness of Lucky 777’s customer service and hope that nothing unfortunate happens on their platform.

Security and Responsible Gaming

Lucky 777 Sweepstakes appears to overlook the protection of players against compulsive gambling, as there is no dedicated section for responsible social gameplay.

It is equally impossible to find any information on potential responsible gaming tools (such as deposit limits, betting limits, self-exclusion…) implemented by the operator to combat gambling addiction. The only small effort made is a brief, bolded statement in the site’s disclaimer, weakly advising players to gamble responsibly. This approach is feeble and hardly reassuring.

Moreover, it seems that the operator is also unaware of age restrictions applicable to online social casinos. In its privacy policy, it asks minors under 13 to obtain permission from their parents or guardians before freely accessing and using the site.

This is completely absurd, considering that access to online sweepstakes casinos is strictly prohibited for individuals under 18 years old (and sometimes older, depending on the state they live in).

As for the overall security of the site, players are given no more assurances. Even though the operator boasts of using SSL encryption protocol to protect personal data, it also reminds users that data transmissions over the internet or wireless networks can never be 100% secure. Is this an admission of what awaits you if you venture onto this site?

Is Lucky 777 Sweepstakes Legit?

Although the question may seem amusing given its obvious answer, I will attempt to respond seriously. A closer examination of the footer of the site, where most legal information is expected to be found, immediately reveals its extreme emptiness.

Clearly, the operator does not possess an official license issued by a competent authority (as one might have suspected) nor the necessary accreditation to operate as a sweepstakes casino.

The footer is limited to the general terms of use, privacy policy, and the site’s disclaimer. The operator does the bare minimum. There are no sections for sweeps rules, responsible social gaming, or “About Us”.

Digging into the terms and conditions of the site, I finally found the official postal address of Lucky 777 Sweepstakes, which is 319 Chapanoke Rd, Suite 110, Raleigh, NC 27603. According to ZoomInfo, which provides data for companies and business individuals, the company’s headquarters are located in Bradenton, Florida.

Formally, the platform is prohibited to individuals under the age of 21 even though, as we saw above, this rule seems far from being strictly enforced.

Review Summary

Even after thorough searching, I could not find a SINGLE positive aspect to Lucky 777 Sweepstakes. Let us be honest, pals… This operator, if one can even call it that, has all the hallmarks of a dodgy casino run by individuals with more than questionable intentions. Nothing about it inspires confidence.

From the very moment you land on Lucky 777 Sweepstakes’ platform, you have the feeling of taking a deep dive into the dark web. Everything is designed to raise doubts. This is my personal opinion, but I believe I am not the only one thinking this.

Have you ever seen a user interface that is as unwelcoming and uninviting as theirs? In a nutshell, this so-called sweepstakes casino is something I absolutely do not recommend. It is crystal clear that you are heading for serious trouble if you take the risk of signing up. The following are some alternatives to Lucky 777 Casino you can 100% trust:

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