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Gameroom777 Online Casino

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Written by:
Jon Ridehalgh
Fact checked by:
Alex Windsor
December 4, 2023

Featuring graphics of a pure social casino, redeemable cash prizes like a sweeps casino, and a convoluted sign-up process like an offshore online gambling site, Gameroom777 is everything but easy to define.

  • Has a $5 no deposit bonus
  • Redeemable cash prizes
  • 0.5 SC daily login bonus
  • Works on both desktop and mobile
  • Over $250+ in regular promos weekly
  • Slots, bonuses, and site design vary from operator to operator
  • Virtually anyone can become a partner
  • Purchases are necessary
  • Operators are free to use whichever payment methods and terms they want
  • Minimal support options

Gameroom777 creates and supplies casino software to businesses like bars and gamerooms; players can either download the app or go directly to its website to look for available operators but they can’t play at Gameroom777’s site directly.

On the upside, this casino does offer a $5 free play bonus to newcomers, and operators do have a few ongoing promotions for existing users. However, I can’t recommend Gameroom777 because it essentially allows anyone to become its operator while having zero responsibility for how its partners are using its name, platform, and games.

This review was made to not only help our players understand how Gameroom777 works but also to raise awareness of social & sweepstakes casinos that are completely different from the norm and what you can expect from them.

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A Quick Look into Gameroom777

Gameroom Online Casino

No deposit bonuses, slot demoing, real money prizes, and recurring promotions are the few positives that I could say about Gameroom777, but then again, all sweepstakes sites offer this and more.

Our main problem with Gameroom777 lies in the veil of uncertainty that surrounds it. Its FAQs and T&Cs reveal almost nothing about the company or the platform. Players can’t choose the operator, but they can change sites if they aren’t satisfied. There are no player protection or safe gambling policies whatsoever. Finally, we believe signing up is not worth the risk since this casino has only 60+ games, most of which are untested homebrews.

What is Gameroom777?

Gameroom777 is a sweepstakes gambling site and “casino-as-a-service”. As a casino, it creates and offers fish, keno, slots, and minigames, as well as a handful of jackpot games; it is different from traditional sweepstakes sites because it delegates the most important casino aspects, such as gameplay and cash prize redemption terms and payouts to its partners.

As a “service”, Gameroom777 builds and hosts casino sites (or at least pages) for its operators. Most importantly, Gameroom777 has minimal direct contact with players. It’s more of a “middleman” between players and various operators.

Our Expert Findings on Gameroom777

The most concrete piece of information our experts managed to uncover about Gameroom777 from the Texas Secretary of State’s website is that it’s owned and operated by BSD Software Development, a Brownsville-based limited liability company founded in 2019.

It is unclear, however, whether the launch of Gameroom777 coincided with the launch of its parent company.

We searched far and wide but couldn’t find any information regarding Gameroom777’s licenses. Even though sweepstakes aren’t required to have one, Gameroom777 never declared itself as a sweepstakes, social, or online casino.

The most troubling fact our experts discovered is how loose the conditions of becoming a Gameroom777 partner are. Nearly anyone can apply, even not-for-profit organizations. This wouldn’t be as important if it weren’t for the fact that Gameroom777 operates exclusively through its partners – many of which it doesn’t screen or monitor.

Our experts don’t recommend playing at Gameroom777 for these very reasons. If you’d rather play at safe, established sweepstakes casinos, we recommend using our banners to sign up and claim your welcome bonuses.

How to Play at Gameroom777

Gameroom777 Registration Steps

Players need to register on Gameroom777’s official site before they can play. What struck me as odd is that there are no “join” or “sign up” buttons. There is a form below the vague instructions, asking you to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Description (message)

This is not the official sign-up form, though. It’s the same form that is featured on its “Store” page, and it’s the only way to reach Gameroom777’s customer support.

According to the instructions, you’ll need to download the app first by following these steps:

  1. Use the link for the iOS/Android app download on
  2. Alternatively, scan the QR code on the same page
  3. After downloading the app, open it
  4. You will receive unique login credentials to sign up
  5. Choose from the list of available Gameroom777 operators

The least recommended option is downloading APK files, but it’s the only alternative if you’re having trouble using the regular method. For your safety, I warmly recommend avoiding this option.

It’s important to note that each operator offers different terms and conditions for playing on their platform. If you don’t feel comfortable with the suggested platforms, you can change to a different operator.

Who Can Play at Gameroom777?

Even though sweepstakes gambling isn’t available in all U.S. states, Gameroom777 Casino didn’t include a list of unsupported countries or states in its T&Cs and allows everyone to set up an account and play.

They also noted on their website that they are working with thousands of operators around the globe, meaning that they have ties to numerous offshore sites as well.

Even though Gameroom777 Casino doesn’t have mechanisms like geolocation that would block US players from registering or playing their games, I still recommend against it for several reasons:

  • There are almost no customer support options whatsoever.
  • Gameroom isn’t responsible or accountable for what its operators are doing
  • Its agents are very difficult to trace and often have no experience (or license) in running a casino

Browse our guides and tap on our banners if you’d rather play at legitimate, reputable US sweepstakes sites.

Is Gameroom777 Legit?

In terms of legality, Gameroom777 treads in murky waters. It’s not illegal for companies to create and retail casino software, provided that they have relevant gaming licenses. Sweepstakes casinos, on another hand, can work even if they don’t have a license.

The problem with Gameroom is that it’s a bit of both, and we have no means to fact-check how BSD Software Development defined this “casino”.

If it’s an i-gaming developer with an unknown license, it legitimately doesn’t need to answer for what operators using its software are running their casinos. If it’s a sweepstakes casino, it’s an illegal one since it doesn’t offer prizes and bonuses directly.

Moreover, Gameroom777 operators typically feature games from casinos with a terrible online reputation like Fire Kirin and Panda Master.

Our experts can’t dub Gameroom777 a legitimate casino because these uncertainties feel elaborate.

Gameroom777 Online Games

Gameroom777 Online Games

Gameroom777 Casino makes proprietary fish games, slots, keno, and minigames. There are many casinos run by companies that develop i-gaming titles, with the most prominent example being High 5 Games (and its High 5 Casino).

However, Gameroom777 went with a slightly different approach. Gameroom games are supplied to its agents – you can only check the names of the titles on the casino’s official site.

There are around 60+ titles, all of which were made by Gameroom Casino’s in-house team. This was another thing our experts disliked since games typically need to be tested by independent parties for months before an unbiased theoretical RTP value can be ascribed to them.

Players can encounter games like Fruit 9 Slots, Egypt Treasure, Fairy Descends, Hexa Keno, New Ocean King, and 3D Shark Fishing at various Gameroom777 operator sites.

To make things even more complicated, Gameroom777 agents combine these games with slots and table games from other providers or just cherry-pick a portion of the available titles. At any rate, dozens of sites have Gameroom777’s games, logos, and graphics on them, yet slot libraries can be vastly different depending on which operator you are using.

Our casino experts have tested numerous dodgy sweepstakes operators and point toward a common thread that connects them – games from unverified, often unlicensed developers. We recommend visiting sweepstakes sites powered by established i-gaming developers like Pragmatic Play, KA Gaming, Hacksaw, and High 5 Games.

Gameroom777 Bonuses

Game777 Casino Bonuses

As soon as you open Gameroom777’s website, a bouncing banner will prompt you to collect a $5 no deposit bonus after registering a free account. As per the industry’s standard, $5 free cash is slightly higher than average.

The importance of this bonus lies in the fact that sweepstakes are required by law to offer free bonuses. However, our experts have several issues with this promotion.

Handling of all Gameroom777 Casino in-game currency is delegated to its operators, so where will this bonus go? Prize points are non-refundable and exclusive to the platform they were claimed on. The link leads to Skill Gaming Solutions, one of Gameroom’s operators, which stands in contrast to the advertised ability to “choose” a local agent.

And then there are social media bonuses, or more specifically, Facebook promotions that offer extremely vague information. “Terms and conditions” apply, for instance, doesn’t say much since we don’t know which operator’s T&Cs; no rules (or links to rules) are included on promotional pages either.

A 100% sign-up bonus followed by a 50% referral bonus are among the featured social media Gameroom777 promotions. Our experts noted that while first purchase bonuses at sweepstakes casinos are legit and popular, sign-up promos requiring real money are neither common nor legal in most US states.

Once again, it’s unclear whether all Gameroom777 operators support these bonuses and whether they’re even real or not.

Operator-specific Bonuses

Gameroom777 distributors often have their own bonuses and promos that are completely unrelated to any offers you may find on Gameroom777’s official website.

Free spins, time-specific reload deposit bonuses, tournaments, contests, and various other promos might be available, but you’ll need to keep changing operator platforms until you find the bonuses that suit you.

The wagering requirements, wagering limits, cashout limits, bonus expiry dates, and deadlines all vary from one operator to another.

The thing is, it’s almost impossible to list all these bonuses because Gameroom777 works with thousands of different distributors (not all of which are based in the USA).

After our experts tested Gameroom777, they found that a simple form of geolocation is used by the Operator Search Engine to provide location-based suggestions. In other words, you can only get to so many operators (and their promos) using the same IP address.

How to Add Funds to Gameroom777 Online

What separates Gameroom777 from the vast majority of US sweepstakes casinos is how its payment system works.

Each Gameroom operator has their own platform with integrated payment systems. Even though all operators have ties to Gameroom777, they are completely independent of each other, meaning that in-game currencies are not cross-platform compatible either.

In simpler terms, after you choose a Gameroom777 operator, you will be asked to make a deposit. Let’s say you deposited $10 at the first platform; if you decided to try the platform of another operator, your account balance wouldn’t include that $10.

I keep returning to the advertised option to “choose” operators and transfer to another platform whenever you wish, but it’s apparently heavily limited. These financial restrictions apply to bonuses too. After claiming bonus money or spins at one platform, they can only be used on that platform exclusively.

The payment options also vary greatly from one operator to another. For example, Skill Gaming Solutions supports Visa, Mastercard, Maestro Card, Apple Pay, American Express, and Bitcoin for withdrawals, but you can only use CashApp to make deposits.

We’ve been at the websites of several other Gameroom777 operators and noticed that their payment method segments simply featured a Telegram link. Our casino experts warmly advise players against disclosing sensitive data (like credit card info) to anyone on communication apps like Telegram, Twitter, or Discord.

Redeeming Cash Prizes at Gameroom777

Gameroom777 doesn’t pay out cash prizes directly. Each of its operators has the flexibility to configure cashout prize terms and conditions while adhering to the “loose” guidelines and rules imposed by the casino.

Not only are operators free to set different prize redemption thresholds, but they also offer different prizes, which are not necessarily always paid out in cash. Some of the operators we visited allowed players to redeem points (sweeps) for various household items, which would be presumably mailed to the user’s address upon successful redemption.

What’s universal for all operators is that prize points must be played through a certain number of times (wagering requirements) in the prescribed deadline (expiry date) and that a certain minimum of redeemable points must be reached before real cash prizes can be claimed.

Due to the sheer size of the Gameroom777 network of operators, it was impossible for our casino experts to determine whether distributors paid out real prizes or not.

What we do know for certain is that Gameroom777 isn’t accountable if anything goes sideways. Players are, however, given the option to rate and report operators after playing for a while (even before redeeming prizes).

Our Verdict on Gameroom777

Gameroom777 stands out from contemporary alternatives by being just a tad more transparent about its operations. While sites like Fire Kirin, V Blink, and Royal Eagle offer extremely scarce information about their owners, Gameroom777 regularly keeps filing public record reports under the name BSD Software Development.

Its website also looks slightly more modern, and its selection of games isn’t limited to exclusive slots and scratchcards.

However, that’s the least you should expect from a sweepstakes casino, and Gameroom777 doesn’t have much else going in its favor. Even if we completely ignore the fact that purchases are mandatory and its bonuses far from comparable to popular sweepstakes, its method of operation is causing needless confusion and is possibly illegal.

We don’t recommend playing at this site and recommend a list of trustworthy sweepstakes casinos with a proven track record and powered by distinguished i-gaming companies. Just tap on our banners to sign up and claim your bonuses.

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  • Does Gameroom777 pay out real money?
    Gameroom777 does not pay cash prizes directly. Instead, its distributors (operators) handle all financial transactions, including both real money deposits and withdrawals.
  • Which games are available at Gameroom777 casino?
    Gameroom777 creates and leases fish, keno, and slot games to its partners. These games are available for demo play on Gameroom777’s official site.
  • Is Gameroom777 a legit sweepstakes casino?
    Gameroom777 is not a legit sweepstakes site. It works through operators and isn’t liable if they commit scams or any wrongdoings.
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