Game Vault No Deposit Bonus for New Players

Written by:
Bogdan Lunkan
Fact checked by:
Damjan Jugović Spajić
November 14, 2023

Game Vault No Deposit Bonus

The Game Vault 777 app is a fresh sweepstakes online casino that offers a $5 no deposit bonus to all new players.

Appealing as this offer might seem, I would suggest considering more reputable sweepstakes sites like Pulsz, WOW Vegas, or NoLimitCoins Casino. These sites also have no deposit bonuses for new players, while being much more transparent and reputable than Game Vault Casino.

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In case you still decide to opt-in for the $5 Game Vault no deposit free chip, I’ll guide you through the process in this article. Keep in mind that Game Vault casino may appear under different domains and names, such Game Vault 777 or Game Vault 999.

Game Vault Casino Games

Game Vault No Deposit No Deposit Bonus Code

The signup bonus of this sweepstakes casino does not require a promo code. It is awarded automatically after creating an account and performing your first Game Vault online login.

As mentioned, the promotion grants a $5 free chip that may be used in all online casino games in the app. It is compatible both with slots and fish games, so at least, you will be able to use the bonus funds freely.

The promotion is available to all new players, so if you’re 21 or older and don’t live in a restricted state, you will be able to claim the free chip.

The offer itself is rather average for the industry, as most other sweepstakes online casinos offer signup bonuses of similar value. However, what makes the offer of the Game Vault 777 app worse is the set of casino games it offers.

Game Vault Sweeps Rules

Sweepstakes casinos like WOW Vegas or Fortune Coins have hundreds of games by leading software providers, while at Game Vault 999, you will only be able to use the funds in around 40 in-house games of mediocre quality.

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How To Get The Bonus

As I’ve mentioned previously, you don’t need a promo code to get the $5 free chip in the Game Vault 777 app. The step-by-step guide to receive the bonus goes as follows:

  1. Visit the Game Vault 999 website.
  2. Download the Game Vault 999 app for Android or iOS.
  3. Create a new account in the app.
  4. Perform your first Game Vault online login.
  5. Visit your profile section of the app.
  6. Claim the free chip.

The part I hated the most about Game Vault 999 is that it is only available on mobile and only via a downloadable app. This alone would be repelling for many players, but it gets even worse. You can only download the Game Vault 777 app from the operator’s website, and needless to say, it is always a massive risk to install gambling software from third-party websites.

The credibility of Game Vault 777 is very questionable to say the least, so I would strongly recommend avoiding installing this software on your device.

And in case you thought you were just going to download the Game Vault 777 app, create an account, and be good to go, you were wrong. You can’t make an account yourself, instead, you will need to contact a manager to register a profile for you.

For me, it took more than a day to even get a response from the management team, which is unacceptable for a modern platform. It almost seems as if Game Vault does not wantnew players to register.

Game Vault App

Bonus Terms & Wagering Requirements

Every online casino bonus comes with a set of rules such as wagering requirements, betting limits, and others. I always check these rules before I activate any bonus, and I recommend you do the same at all sweepstakes casinos.

After creating an account through a manager, I thought the Game Vault 777 app wouldn’t surprise me anymore, but it did. The rules for the no deposit bonus and all other promotions are simply nowhere to be found in the app or on the website.

The Terms and Conditions document on the Game Vault 777 website consists of only seven points, while most legit sweepstakes casinos have these documents as large as dozens of pages.

Since I needed the rules to avoid getting scammed, I contacted the support team, and the legend has it, they are still figuring out the answer to my question. You are essentially getting a jack in the box with this no deposit free chip, as you won’t know the rules in advance.

Game Vault Support

I usually consider it dodgy when a sweepstakes casino hides the bonus rules deep in the Terms and Conditions document. But not having the rules displayed anywhere on the website or in the app is simply on another level. Compare it to WOW Vegas, NoLimitCoins, or Pulsz that state the rules for each promotion right on their respective pages, and you’ll see the difference.

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Game Vault Casino Bonuses & Promotions

The situation with other Game Vault 777 online casino promotions is dire. They do have a 50% match bonus on first purchase, but it only gives you gold coins.

Game Vault is a sweepstakes casino, so like most other platforms in this niche, it offers you to choose between playing with gold coins or sweeps coins. Gold coins are the currency for free-play, while sweeps coins can be exchanged for real money prizes.

The only type of promotions that grant sweeps coins are social media contests. All of them are held in the form of giveaways, so there is no consistent way of getting additional sweeps coins for free. Moreover, the contests themselves are not held frequently, and the rewards rarely exceed a couple of sweeps coins.

Game Vault 999 casino also has a login bonus that you can claim once a day. By this time, I think you have already guessed that this promo also has gold coins as its only reward.

When working on reviews, I try to do it with an unbiased approach and give the benefit of the doubt to smaller platforms. In the case of Game Vault 999 online casino, it is a luxury I cannot afford. When other sweepstakes casinos offer dozens of promotions at all times, only having three types of bonuses is unacceptable.

Game Vault Casino Homepage

Game Vault No Deposit Bonus Tips & Tricks

Usually, I would recommend getting the no deposit bonus and trying to use it as efficiently as possible. The main tip here is to look for online casino games with the highest Return-To-Player (RTP) values, since they will offer a higher chance of meeting the wagering requirements.

With Game Vault Casino, this advice would unfortunately be useless. The app only offers in-house games, and you won’t find details regarding their RTP values, so you are, once again, getting a jack in the box here.

Speaking of things you won’t find anywhere, I should add the information regarding the games’ certification to the list. Slots and fish games at Game Vault online casino have not been tested by any reputable authorities.

As a result, the only tip I have for the $5 no deposit free chip of Game Vault 999 Casino is not to claim this bonus. Everything about this casino and this promotion is shady and dodgy, and you will definitely be better off at a different sweepstakes site or app.

Game Vault Rules

About Game Vault

In this section, I would normally to tell you more about the operator. Things like the company name, its foundation date, the license, and more details from the same realm.

Would it surprise you if I say Game Vault 777 Casino does not post this information anywhere? I doubt it.

The only information you will find on the official website is the address in El Paso. Seemingly, the headquarters of this sweepstakes casino are located in the same building as a restaurant, a bar, and a barbershop.

The fact that the Game Vault sweepstakes casino hides all details about it is a massive red flag. The chances are, the company operates illegally and does not license or certify the software it distributes.

Game Vault Contact Us Page

Why The Game Vault No Deposit Bonus Is Not Worth It

Even if we analyze the no deposit bonus offer of Game Vault 999 Casino in a vacuum, it still does not seem to be worth it. The site is very shady, and the single fact that the service is only available via a direct download is a good reason to avoid it.

But if we compare it to other sweepstakes casinos in the market, the deal of Game Vault 999 won’t stand a chance. Here are some reasons to choose credible sweepstakes platforms over Game Vault:

  1. They have no deposit bonuses of the same or higher value.
  2. Their bonus terms are transparent and clear.
  3. The bonus funds can be used in hundreds of games by leading software providers.
  4. The RTP of the games you can use the bonus funds in is higher.
  5. They distribute mobile apps through the App Store and the Google Play Market.
  6. They offer a better experience outside of the signup bonus deal.
  7. They have more regular promotions for existing players, making them more beneficial in the long run.

Game Vault Games

Key Takeaways

Of course, I won’t tell you what to do. If you, for some reason, want to play at Game Vault, it is up to you. But I honestly don’t see a reason to choose this platform over any legitimate and reputable sweepstakes casino.

The user experience in the Game Vault 999 app is worse than average, as you have to download the app directly and spend days trying to set up an account. The games this operator offers are not certified, and the lobby only features around 40 titles.

The app also has a very poor assortment of promotions for existing players, while the rules for these bonuses are not specified. And if you have any kind of issue with the app, the customer support service will likely never reply to your ticket at all.

If you find the Game Vault 999 online casino appealing because of the $5 free chip, I would recommend considering other sweepstakes casinos with similar no deposit bonus offers. For example, WOW Vegas Casino offers 8,500 WOW Coins and 4.5 Sweeps Coins, and Fortune Coins Casino grants 360,000 Gold Coins and 1,200 FC to all new players.

1.5M WoW Coins + 35 Free SC
630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus
10,000 Gold Coins & 1 Free Stake Cash
400,000 TRN + 1,000 free Entries on Registration
4 free Sweeps Coins + 30,000 Lucky Coins

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