Billionaire Casino Free Coins

Written by:
Bogdan Lunkan
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Jon Ridehalgh
December 15, 2023

Billionaire Free Coins

Ever been tempted to try your luck at an online casino but lacked the funds for the real deal? If that sounds familiar, then social casino games, such as Billionaire Casino, might be your thing!

Billionaire Casino is a social casino app available for download on both Google Play and the App Store, boasting over 10 million downloads by Android users. Furthermore, the gaming experience extends to Facebook, where a vibrant community of 575K players engages in Vegas-style slot games purely for entertainment.

After downloading the app, Billionaire Casino will shower you with billions of free coins. The beauty lies in the various ways you can get these coins without making any purchases.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to properly acquire free Billionaire chips and share tips on maximizing them while discussing in-app purchases.

Snapshot of Billionaire Casino Free Coins Bonuses

🎁Bonus Name💰Bonus AmountHow to Claim❓
Facebook Free Chips400,000 Free CoinsConnect your Facebook account with Billionaire Casino
Daily Bonuses3,200,000Claim your Billy Bonus every 15 minutes
6 Hour Bonus20,400,000Claim your bonus every 6 hours
Billionaire League200,000,000Join the Billionaire League
Join the club & participate in events200,000Participate in slot game events
Chips BlastRandomPlay slot games and fill the Blast meter
Complete MissionsRandomComplete Chip Blast Event
Huuuge Win, Mega Win, Spin, Puzzle Completion, Completion Club Even Step, Charm Pack collected (by spins/purchase)
Pinata Mania - mini-game within the gameSecret awardFill out the new Pinata bar or make a purchase
Level up in the VIP clubMultiplierThe amount of chips in every in-game bundle will be multiplied by x1, x1.2, x1.3, x1.5, x2
Trendy Time once in 2 days620,000,000Reach a milestone
Free Lottery Ticket every 5 HoursLotteryPlay the lottery with your free ticket
Reach a new level3,440,000Put automatic play overnight and level up
Play Jackpot GamesDepending on your winWin Huuuge jackpots by playing slot games
Spin the Lightning WheelDepending on spinning the wheelReach level 10 to unlock the Wheel and spin daily for big prizes
Participate in social media contests and competitionsDepending on the eventFollow Billionaire Casino on Facebook and Telegram and participate in social media competitions, missions, and giveaways
Purchase a package of coinsDepending on the purchase packageAdded values to packages, discounts, and free coins for purchasing

Billionaire Casino Free Coins No Purchase Bonuses

Billionaire Casino is a social gaming app available for all US players on Google Play and the App Store. It works with free-of-charge casino chips that don’t have value outside the world of Billionaire Casino. You’re not obliged in any way to make a purchase to play casino-style games.

There are so many ways to get free coins at Billionaire Casino that you won’t know what to do with them.

Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Facebook Free Chips

After downloading the Billionaire Casino app to your device, you can connect it to your Facebook account and instantly get 400,000 free coins.

Billy Bonus

Mr. Billy will allow you to claim 3,200,000 free chips every 15 minutes. The pot is located in the bottom left corner of the Lobby.

6 Hour Bonus

Fire up your Billionaire Casino every 6 hours to collect your 6-hour bonus. It’s worth 20.4 million free chips and can be found in your purchase shop.

Billionaire League

You’ll get an instant reward of 200,000,000 free coins for joining the Billionaire League. You can also:

  • Participate in amazing Daily Club Events with rewards for every club member
  • Climb the ladder in weekly Billionaire League seasons
  • Access to Club Exclusive games
  • Show your skills, become the wealthiest, and reach a Master’s level

Join the Club & Participate in Events

After joining the Billionaire League, you can join some clubs there. I have joined the AE Love club, participated in events, and won 200,000 free coins.

Event Info

Chip Blast

Find the Chips Blast in the lobby on a special tile next to the slots or in a tooltip in the upper part of the lobby. Additionally, it’s visible on the sidebar when spinning on any slot. By filling in the Blast meter, you can win free chips, charms, trade tokens, and more.

Complete Missions

Complete a task described on the Missions banner and get additional rewards or free spins. Collect your prizes before the time runs out.

Pinata Mania

Keep spinning your favorite slot game to fill in the Pinata Bar. Once filled, it’s time for the party! Pop the Pinata and earn free chips or other rewards.

Level Up in the VIP Club

At the beginning of your Billionaire journey, you’ll be granted an Ultimate Card, the pinnacle of the loyalty program. This card provides exceptional benefits and boosted free chips for the most loyal users:

🎁Huuuge Rewards🟤Bronze🔘Silver🟡Gold🔷Platinum💎Diamond⚫Black Diamond
Chip bundlesx1x1.1x1.2x1.3x1.5x2
Lottery Ticket Shopx1.1x1.4x1.5x1.7x2x2.5
Huuuge Pointsx1x1.2x1.5x2x3x4
Jackpot Share+5%+10%+25%+30%+45%+75%
Charms Set Rewards+0%+10%+20%+30%+50%+70%
Charms Grand Reward+0%+10%+20%+30%+50%+70%
Billy Bonus+0%+5%+10%+20%+35%+60%
Shop Bonus+0%+5%+10%+20%+35%+60%
Huuuge Wheel+0%+5%+10%+20%+35%+60%
Golden Ring❌No❌No❌No❌No✅Yes✅Yes
Account Manager Support❌No❌No❌No❌No✅Yes✅Yes
Weekly Gift❌No❌No❌No❌No✅Yes✅Yes
Special Benefit❌No❌No❌No❌No❌No✅Yes

Trendy Time – Who Are You Calling Ugly?

Trendy Time is a limited collection you can complete to win Billionaire Casino free chips. But better be quick — these sets are only available for a few days. I claimed 620,000,000 for reaching a milestone.

Trendy Time Chip

Free Lottery Ticket every 5 Hours

You can obtain lottery tickets in three ways: every 6 hours you receive a free Bronze ticket; you can buy them in the lottery section or get one for free after cashing in 7 tickets.

Ticket Prizes

Chips Packs250K - 20M5M - 750M10M - 1.0B
Charm Pack33-53-12
Main Prize Puzzle🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩
Gold Lottery Ticket111-3
Silver Lottery Ticket11-3-
Bronze Lottery Ticket1-3--
Billy Boost24 h24h-72h24h-72h
XP Boosts24h24h24h

Reach a New Level

Play your favorite slot games — you can set autoplay overnight to level up. Upon reaching level 25, I received 3,440,000 free coins, and I’m confident that the amount of Billionaire Casino free chips increases as you level up further.

Play Jackpot Games

You can win a substantial amount of free coins by playing jackpot games.

Play Jackpot Games

Spin the Lightning Wheel

The Huuuge Wheel offers an additional opportunity to land on high-value wedges with free coin prizes. Unlock this exciting spin round by reaching level 10.

Huge Wheel Spin

Participate in Social Media Contests and Competitions

Gaining free coins for Billionaire Casino has never been easier. Follow Billionaire Casino on Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter and participate in challenges, slot tournaments, social media competitions, and giveaways to win Billionaire Casino free chips.

Billionaire Casino Facebook Page

Billionaire Casino Bonuses for Real Money Purchases

If you ever run out of chips and wish to purchase more, there is an option for that. While you can use the purchased chips to play social casino games, it’s important to note that they still don’t have any real-world value and cannot be redeemed for cash prizes.

Coins Shop

🛒Shop💯Added Value🟡Number of Coins⭐Special Features💵Price
Sale Offer 1+550%1,625,000,000- 6 Charm Packs
- Huuuge points x5
- x1 Charm Trade Token
- XP-Level Up 2x faster for 5 min
- Collect Billy Bonus 3x faster for 5 min
Sale Offer 2+550%3,900,000,000- 6 Charm Packs
- Huuuge points x10
- x2 Charm Trade Token
- XP-Level Up 2x faster for 10 min
- Collect Billy Bonus 3x faster for 10 min
Sale Offer 3+550%11,700,000,000- 6 Charm Packs
- Huuuge points x25
- x7 Charm Trade Token
- XP-Level Up 2x faster for 30 min
- Collect Billy Bonus 3x faster for 30 min
Sale Offer 4+550%28,015,000,000- 6 Charm Packs
- Huuuge points x60
- x16 Charm Trade Token
- XP-Level Up 2x faster for 1 h
- Collect Billy Bonus 3x faster for 1 h
Sale Offer 5+550%73,645,000,000- 6 Charm Packs
- Huuuge points x140
- x35 Charm Trade Token
- XP-Level Up 2x faster for 2 h
- Collect Billy Bonus 3x faster for 2 h

Charms Pack

🛒Shop🔟Number of Charms Pack⭐Special Features💵Price
Sale Offer 18 Charms Pack- Huuuge Points x5
- Charm Trade Tokens x2
Sale Offer 28 Charms Pack- Huuuge Points x35
- Charm Trade Tokens x30


🛒Shop💎Number of Diamonds💵Price
Sale Offer 1500$8.87


🛒Shop🟡Number of Coins💎Number of Diamonds⭐Special Features⏱Validity period💵Price
Sale Offer 149,505,0003Huuuge Points x10 (only once monthly)Every day for 30 days$2.10

My Experience Playing on the Billionaire Casino App

As someone who often doubts information found on the internet, I decided to give Billionaire Casino a try. By following this guide on collecting Billionaire Casino free chips, I accumulated one billion coins in less than 24 hours and reached level 26.

If you’re looking for a casino app that offers a diverse selection of slot games, jackpots, exclusive Buffalo slots, Texas Hold’em Poker, roulette, and blackjack — all without spending a dime — install the Billionaire app on your device and indulge in social gaming.

Billionaire Casino Games

How to Get Billionaire Casino Free Chips

If the idea of playing Vegas-style casino games without making a purchase appeals to you, rest assured that this activity is legal in all US states.

Considering that real money play is prohibited in almost every US state, social casinos like Billionaire offer a legal alternative. These platforms do not require mandatory purchases to play casino-style games, and it’s important to note that you cannot redeem your coins for real money prizes.

This is how you can acquire free Billionaire coins and enjoy gaming without any cost.

  1. Visit Google Play or the App Store
  2. Search for the Billionaire Casino Slots 777 App
  3. Check whether your device fits the app requirements (iOS 11.0 or later, Android 5.0 and above)
  4. Click Install and wait for the process to finish
  5. Start the app and find all the options listed in this guide one by one

Billionaire Casino App Review

🎰Billionaire Casino
📱Available DevicesAndroid, iOS, Mac
🟡Virtual Currencies200
💵Real Money Prizes/
🎲Gaming OptionsSlots, Texas Hold’em, roulette, blackjack
💳Banking OptionsIn-app purchases
🔞Legal Age17+
🇺🇸 Legal StatesAll US states
Best FeaturesHigh-quality games, Facebook play, Spin the wheel, collect charms and exchange them, App is using less storage

Billionaire Casino Games

Billionaire Casino is a gaming app that offers around 200 casino games featuring exclusive Buffalo slots with immersive gameplay. The selection includes expanding wilds, re-spins, classic fruit slots, diamonds, and 777 slot machine games. The Billionaire portfolio extends beyond slots to include Texas Hold’em Poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and video poker games.

The best part is that you can enjoy these games using virtual coins without the need for any purchase.

Alternatives with Cash Prizes

If you’re looking for alternatives to Billionaire Casino that provide the chance to win real money prizes, consider checking out these sweepstakes casinos:

Unlock 57,500 GC + 27.5 FREE SC
1.5M WoW Coins + 35 Free SC
2 SC No Deposit Bonus

  • WOW Vegas Casino: Offers over 1,000 casino games, a sign-up bonus of 8,500 WOW Coins, and 4.5 Sweeps Coins over 3 days. Available in all US states except Washington, Nevada, Idaho, and Michigan.
  • McLuck Casino: Features over 460 casino games, a sign-up bonus of 7,500 Gold Coins, and 2.5 Sweeps Coins. Accessible in all US states except Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington.
  • Chanced Casino: Provides over 500 casino games, a sign-up bonus of 10,000 Gold Coins and 2 Sweeps Coins. Accessible in all US states except Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, and Washington.

If you are just looking for even more pure social casinos then the closest alternative is the sister site/app Huuuge Casino which offers a very similar playing experience to Billionaire Casino.


  • Can I Win Real Money by Playing at Billionaire Casino?
    You cannot win real money by playing at the Billionaire Casino app. It operates as a social casino using virtual currency with no real-world value, intended solely for fun play.
  • Am I required to Make a Purchase to Play Billionaire Games?
    No purchase is required to play Billionaire games. While you have the option to buy a package of coins, it's entirely your choice.
  • As a social casino platform using virtual coins with no monetary value, Billionaire Casino is legal in all US states.
Bogdan Lunkan

Passionate about the world of online gaming, I have been deeply immersed in the sweepstakes casino industry for over five years, with a keen eye for innovative slot games and a penchant for understanding the inner workings of the sweepstakes model.

Unlock 57,500 GC + 27.5 FREE SC